12 teas for the zodiac, what tea does your sign need?

The 12 teas for the zodiac, what tea does your sign need?

 What kind of tea does a Cancer drink?  How about a Gemini? This is a fun little guide to match the personalities of your sign to a tea that joins hands in hand through this journey called life. 


AQUARIUS (The Water Bearer)


Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian


Often simple and unassuming, the Aquarian goes about accomplishing goals in quiet, often unorthodox ways. Although their methods may be unorthodox, the results for achievement are surprisingly effective. Aquarian’s will take up any cause, and are humanitarians of the zodiac. They are honest, loyal and highly intelligent. They are also easy going and make natural friendships. If not kept in check, the Aquarian can be prone to sloth and laziness. However, they know this about themselves, and try their best to motivate themselves to action. They are also prone to philosophical thoughts, and are often quite artistic and poetic.


When I think of a progressive person’s tea I think back to the Boston Tea Party, what place in history has tea made more of a progressive move, that with Aquarius being a water bearer sign the tea or teas that fit perfectly here are: Bohea, Congou and Souchong, these are all black teas that were shipped from the east into the Boston Harbor, along with a few others.  What else would fit the Aquarius’s independent and humanitarian personality but a tea thrown into the Boston River to protest taxes! 



PISCES (The Fish)


Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, and musical.


Also unassuming, the Pisces zodiac signs and meanings deal with acquiring vast amounts of knowledge, but you would never know it. They keep an extremely low profile compared to others in the zodiac. They are honest, unselfish, and trustworthy and often have quiet dispositions. They can be overcautious and sometimes gullible. These qualities can cause the Pisces to be taken advantage of, which is unfortunate as this sign is beautifully gentle, and generous. In the end, however, the Pisces is often the victor of ill circumstance because of his/her intense determination. They become passionately devoted to a cause – particularly if they are championing for friends or family.


The sign of Pisces the fish reminds me of a Japanese symbol as well as combining a few of the characteristics of from Pisces I would suggest a green tea from Japan to be a partner and perfect tea for this zodiac sign.  Some of those teas may include: Bancha Hojicha, Sencha Ariake or Sencha superior.  Green tea is often considered a wise drink that is gentle and relaxing.  The compassion of a Pisces  while drinking a beautiful Green Tea while contemplating with decisions of the day. 


ARIES (the ram)


Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate


Aries people are creative, adaptive, and insightful. They can also be strong-willed and spontaneous (sometimes to a fault). Aries people can be driven and are very ambitious often making them over-achievers in anything they set their mind to tackle. Aries are fire signs, and so too is their personality. They may be quick to anger, but don’t take it personally, it’s just their fiery, passionate personalities showing through. Aries signs have excellent sense of humor, and they get along with almost everyone at the party (and they DO know how to party). Aries can be impatient, but we love them anyway because they are devoted friends, lovers and family members – they are loyal to then end and will fight for their causes (usually supporting the underdog).


When I thought of the Ram I thought of a brisk fall morning when you see the Rams up on the cliffs and mountainsides, they seem to be so strong and agile to be able to stand there and not fall, I know I would.  To get to that spot the Ram is determined and also confident he will succeed in fact he has to be all his family and friends have been doing it so why not him.  Matching that same determined strength to a tea was easy, I picked the Assam Tea a black strong tea that is brisk and malty in flavor, it’s strength sometimes combined with other teas to make it a strong breakfast tea is unsurpassed. 


TAURUS (the bull)

APRIL 20 – MAY 20

Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable


Taurus zodiac signs and meanings, like the animal that represents them, is all about strength, stamina and will. Stubborn by nature, the Taurus will stand his/her ground to the bitter end (sometimes even irrationally so). But that’s okay because the Taurus is also a loving, sympathetic and appreciative sign. The Taurus is very understanding and when we need someone to unburden ourselves to, we often share our deepest fears with the Taurians of the zodiac. Taurians are very patient, practical and efficient, they are excellent in matters of business and are also wonderful instructors/teachers. Although initially they may have their own best interest at heart, they are ultimately and endlessly generous with their time, possessions and love.


Strong, devoted and determined is how I see Taurus and a tea that matches that description is non other then Lapsang Souchong, a dark, smoky tea with a strong “bullish” taste.  Some Lapsangs can be very mild but most are created to be strong and smoky.  Lapsang is an expensive tea that is smoked and could remind you of a smoked tea or a whiskey.  


I can imagine a strong bull snorting the flames of a Lapsang Souchong, a favorite of Winston Churchill.




GEMINI (the twins)

MAY 21 – JUNE 20

Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas


Flexibility, balance and adaptability are the keywords for the Gemini. They are quick to grasp the meaning of a situation and act on it, often with positive effects. They tend to have a duality to their nature, and can sometimes be tough to predict how they will react. They can turn from hot to cold and may be prone to noticeable mood swings. However, they are generous signs with tendencies of being affectionate, and imaginative. They also inspire others easily as they seem to naturally motivate themselves – their charisma and accomplishments are infectious. Geminians are very supportive, and are especially good at promotions, sales, and driving hard bargains.


     I picked Huangcha tea meaning yellow tea because of it’s dual like variety.  An expensive tea that’s not green or white but yes, yellow.  Produced similar to green tea but is steamed under a damp cloth giving it that yellow color.  Huangcha is mellow and less vegetal then a green tea.  Served in the Imperial court.  This tea fits our Gemini personality of the twins gentle and affectionate yet curious. 



CANCER (the crab)

JUNE 21 – JULY 22

Tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive


Cancerians love home-life, family and domestic settings. They are traditionalists, and enjoy operating on a fundamental level. They love history, and are fascinated with the beginnings of things (heraldry, ancestry, etc.). The moon is their ruler, so they can be a bit of a contradiction and sometimes moody. However, they are conservative, so they’ll be apt to hide their moods from others altogether. They have a reputation for being fickle, but they’ll tell you that isn’t true, and it’s not. Cancerians make loyal, sympathetic friends. However Cancerians need alone time, and when they retreat, let them do so on their term


     Cancer is the sign I was born under, if I had to choose a tea for my sign it would be Ceylon tea.  Enjoyable both hot and cold, it’s a tea a single origin tea with different tastes and yet adaptable and quickly becomes a favorite. 

Ceylon teas are exquisite and produced in Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea fits the nature of a cancer by it’s deep rooted history and yet fundamental tea service. 



LEO (the Lion)


Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous


The zodiac signs and meanings of Leo is about expanse, power and exuberance. Leo’s are natural born leaders, and they will let you know it as they have a tendency to be high-minded and vocal about their opinions. That’s okay, because if you observe, the Leo is usually correct in his/her statements. Leo’s have a savvy way of analyzing a situation and executing swift judgment with a beneficial outcome. It comes from being a leader. They are brave, intuitive, and also head-strong and willful. Beneath their dynamic persona lies a generous, loving, sensitive nature that they do not easily share with others. They might be a bit bossy, but those who know them understand this comes from a source need to do good, not (usually) from an inflated ego.


    One of the most prestigious teas is a white tea, and when we look at the lion or king of the jungle I think of a tea that is king and commands it’s presence and that tea is a white tea.  Choose a white tea and it would be a silver needle tea.  Bai Hao Yinzhen produced primarily in China.  The silver needle tea is exquisite and its appearance is that of a needle.  White tea is most prized and expensive because only the top bud of the tea bush is used, it’s an elegant and dynamic tea much like the dynamics of our Lion.



VIRGO (the Virgin)


Loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical


Virgo’s have keen minds, and are delightful to chat with, often convincing others of outlandish tales with ease and charm. Virgo’s are inquisitive and are very skilled at drawing information from people. This trait also makes them naturally intuitive. Combine this with their remarkable memories, and we see an advanced, analytical personality. However the Virgo needs balance in their lives otherwise they may become short-tempered, impatient and self-serving. Virgo’s are excellent teammates in work and social activities. They work well with others, although they freely express their opinions (even when unwarranted).


     Hardworking fits the Black Pearl teas you see in tea shops, these teas were hand pressed and rolled creating beautiful beads that unravel while you steep.  The tea is hardworking like VIrgo yet practical and legendary much like the sign Virgo with all her tales and stories.



LIBRA (The Scales)


Cooperative,diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social


As their zodiac signs and meanings would indicate, Libra’s are all about balance, justice, equanimity and stability. They easily surround themselves with harmony and beauty, but sometimes go to extremes to do so if their goals are unreasonable or unhealthy. With Venus as their ruling planet, Libra’s are very understanding, caring, and often the champion of underdogs. They have keen intuitions, but often don’t give themselves enough credit for their perceptions. They can be quiet and shy if not persuaded to come out of their shell. Ironically and in spite of their introverted nature they make excellent debaters, often proving a point from out of seemingly nowhere.


     Balancing out life is part of the Libra sign.  I chose a beautiful Oolong tea with is heightening black or green and it balances in between the two as it’s own tea. 

Much like those that fall under Libra is that an Oolong is up to the master’s decisions on how it is cultivated and processed to determine which side of the scales it will lean towards.  The more an Oolong is oxidized the more it leans toward a black tea, and with less oxidation it leans towards the green side of the scale.  The biggest difference between an Oolong tea is its size, shape and oxidation.  Which side of the scale does your Libra lean towards? 



SCORPIO (The Scorpion)


Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend


The Scorpio is often misunderstood. These personalities are bold and are capable of executing massive enterprises with cool control and confidence. They can surmount seemingly all obstacles when they put their mind to the task, and they have unshakable focus when the situation calls for it. Regardless of their bold nature, they are often secretive, but they are always observing behind their withdrawn manner.


     When I researched about Scorpio the one thing that stuck in my mind was the comment that Scorpio’s are misunderstood.  I’ve pared Scorpio up with our misunderstood “teas” the tisane.  Not really a tea at all but an herbal yet so often classified as a tea.  Healthy herbs make great drinks but still do not classify it as a tea because they literally contain no tea.  It’s a sore spot with some tea aficionados however; most of us just enjoy a good cup of “tea”. 





Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor


Here we have the philosopher among the zodiac signs and meanings. Like the Scorpio, they have great ability for focus, and can be very intense. However, they must channel their energy or they will waste time and wear themselves out going in too many directions at once. They are not very patient and expect quick results. However, when encountered with failure they make extreme comeback’s often against incredible odds. They make loyal friends and lovers, but they do not handle commitment well as they refuse to be tied down while chasing philosophical pursuits.


Pai Mu Tan offers a visually stunning tea with long, graceful leaves, and a subtle, calming flavor. Grown in Fujian province in China, our organic version allows for a pure taste of the region at a reasonable price. Pai Mu Tan, while being a white tea, actually undergoes slight oxidation as the leaves are allowed to whither for about an hour. While not enough to transform the tea into a green, this treatment allows a more flavorful nature of the tea to emerge.





Responsible, disciplined, self-control, good managers


Capricorn’s are also philosophical signs and are highly intelligent too. They apply their knowledge to practical matters, and strive to maintain stability and order. They are good organizers, and they achieve their goals by purposeful, systematic means. They are very intuitive, although they don’t share this trait with others freely. They do not deal well with opposition or criticism but a healthy Capricorn will often shrug off negative comments towards their character. They are patient and persevering – they know they can accomplish any task as long as they follow a their plan step-by-step. Capricorn’s have broad shoulders, and typically take on other’s problems with aplomb. Ironically, they rarely share their own problems and tend to go through bouts of inner gloom after a spell of dwelling on these problems.


Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. The self-control of the plant and growers for this certain period of time (3 weeks) is for the perfect amount of theanine and caffeine to produce a perfect Matcha, this combination is perfect for the disciplined and self- controlled nature of the Capricorn as it calm and controlled energy needed to maintain in a tough world. 



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