20 Things Tim Ferriss Taught me and 9 I’m Doing For Sure

Hey Tim Ferriss I hope you get a chance to read this!

So, I finished reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss and trust me that in itself is a feat. I also promise you that you will never remember everything in this book. I took notes and used tabs to mark and highlight areas I wanted to check into more.

This book is a manual and a reference book.

One thing missing, an index, I really had to search for a few things that my mind brought back up the past few days.

I wanted to share my takes from this book. I’ve heard this reference before: “eat the chicken and spit out the bones” However there are no bones in this book but there are things that did not “stick” as they say. For you, there will be different things that stick and different things you will take and adhere to your life.

You all know I’m big on DNA and the fact we are not equal, one pill, one drink, one size does not fit many of us the same way, we are unique and like that our needs are different at any given time.

I’m sharing because I suggest you get this book and devour it. Find what you need, save the rest for later.

There are interesting things in the book like:

Amelia Boones use of Manuka Honey Bandages

Christopher Sommer J-Curl and Pike Pulses (yep, tried them both)

Dominc K’Agostino – discussion on Ketogenics

Patrick Arnold shared about Ursolic Acid Spray

Jason Nemer talked about duck shit tea (it’s very cool where the name came from).

Dr. Peter Attia use of intermittent fasting

And then there was this, and THIS caught my eye and my attention

If you are over the age of 40 most likely one of these four things are going to take you out:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cerebrovascular disease
  3. Cancer
  4. Neurodegenerative disease

It was at that point I started getting more serious about the book.

There is also a section on “Gone” PG 158

Trying to succeed in looking at the fact things are over, done, gone. That last sentence is now gone, that thought is now gone, that emotion is now gone, seriously hard-core discipline there.

Wishing for a person to be happy. PG 159

Not just someone you know anyone, that random person you just passed on the street, the barista at Starbucks, the person sitting across the subway seat.

AND there was more then enough reference to health and exercise to be good enough to begin and end the book right there. I promise there is a TON of information. Useful information I must say.

I’m going to buy some furniture sliders PG 17

I’ll need a partner for Acro Yoga PG 52

Developing systems not goals PG 263

Developing a new category not a new product PG 277

When I get back to NYC I’ll be visiting Brodo Bone Broth PG 341

And. EVERYONE needs to read “Tools of a Hacker”. PG 429

Navals Laws made me stop and think for a short period of time. PG 551

Being Creative and why I’m going to let my creative flow. PG 637

And last I’m looking for a Jar to create my Jar of Awesome. PG 571

Totally loving my new encyclopedia reference book and may I make a note here I’m not an avid book reader, I do write books but finding time to read and hold my attention is lacking.

Tools of Titans, great read, great help and I know you are going to love it, that is why I am sharing it with you.


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