2016 Daily Drinker – Tea Review – White 2 Tea

Tea Selection: 2016 Daily Drinker

Name: White2tea

Location: Retail: China.



Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

White2tea was created by passionate Puer devotees.

We conduct business with a simple philosophy: if we would not drink it,       we will not sell it.

Our approach to sales is minimalist.

No flowery descriptions of flavors. No fairytale stories about monks and tea masters. no bullshit.

We provide the tea. The experience is up to you.

We are based in China.






Read more about White2tea on their website: HERE.




These are common instructions for brewing teas, however if the company suggests other brewing I will include it in the review section.


Time and Temperature Guide:

Tea      Temperature Minutes

Black      95°C / 205°F 3 – 5

Oolong/White 85°C / 185°F 3 – 4

Green/Yellow 80°C / 176°F 2 – 3

Herbal/Tisanes.         100°C / 212°F 5 – 15

** As always stated by My Tea Vault, we think you should enjoy tea the way you like it, I like mine very strong with no sweetener, these are just guidelines and I suggest you use the guideline then adjust for your own tastes.



Raw Puer Material


COSTS: $2.50-19.00.

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.




From their website:

A blend of raw Puer material meant for the daily grind. Sweetness and a delightful fragrance.  Solid, reliable, affordable, and better quality than you’d expect for the price. Tea for the everyday. Tea for the people.

Each cake is 200 grams.



Prior to brew: The scent of a raw Puer tea is generally insignificant as with this tea.


Brewed: Light Liquor


Scent: Love the look and smell of a loose leaf tea this tea is somewhat vegetal ever so slight.


Flavor: Slight sour and vegital


Sentiments: It’s amazing the tastes that you can pick up from a pure loose leaf tea from China. Tea that is picked, processed and pressed (the three P’s) nothing added and nothing taken away. This tea had a very slight taste of mint on my tongue. It’s a very soft tea with subtle undertones that make you glad you chose this tea. 56j90


My Tea Vault score values of 1-10 (10 being the best): “9.


Till next sip…




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