What would happen if you drank tea every hour or 24 hours?

A fun look at a day full of tea!

Girls at tea party
Girls at tea party

My favorite time to start with my tea is when I first wake up. My wake up time right now is different then yours, my wake up tea will be your mid-day tea. However if each tea were developed into it’s own hour this is what my day of tea would resemble.
Tea for every hour of your day.
It’s a bit whimsical to think about drinking a cup of tea every hour however, if you drink as much tea as I do, then 24 cups of tea is not a big deal. Considering for most of us we will rest through at least 8 of those hours of teas (or at least I hope so).
So, let’s start at the perfect time for tea, High Noon and commence our day of sipping!
Our Journey Begins:
HIGH TEA (1200)

High tea is a noon time tea and it’s where the lunch party begins. The United States version of lunch is far different then that of the English. The English have their tea, generally an Earl Grey with a cucumber sandwich or some small bit sized cakes. That is it. Need I mention that the United States version of lunch included many fried and fatty foods like a hamburger and french fries.
So our High Noon Tea is of course the very popular Earl Grey.

ONE O’CLOCK (1300)
What better tea to follow the Lunch Time Earl Grey then a cup of hot light flavored tea that needs little or no sweetener, it is of course a tisane but still a very delightful tea to drink.
None other then the Olive tea. The olive tea is made from the leaves of the olive tree and developed in Italy. The leaves are cultivated at about one inch in length and then dried to make this amazing tea.

TWO O’CLOCK (1400)
It’s about this time in the day we need that extra pick up to keep us going until dinner time. I especially love a stronger tea during the day to refresh not only me but my taste buds. For this tea I choose a Darjeeling tea brought to us from India, sometimes considered the Champagne of Teas darjeeling tea is available in black, white and green.

After a strong tea if we still need a pick me up I head for another black tea favorite the Irish Breakfast Tea. There is something about a special black tea that makes you want to drink more then you should, the aroma itself can keep you going until dinner time.

Almost dinner time and we need a four O’clock tea, what about a fun tea to pass time away with like an Mango Ceylon with its amazing refreshing flavor of mango mixed with the mild flavor of a ceylon tea. Perfect to keep you going through that last hour at work or for those on midnights starting your day.

Time to go home and think about dinner, we are almost there so why not celebrate with a green and rooibos tea mixed with apple, hibiscus and strawberry. We call it the Bramblewine tea and it’s simple amazing and such a nice combination of tea and fruits. Great flavor to sit down to dinner with.

SIX O’CLOCK (1800)
We’re winding down into the night now and starting to get our bodies quieted down, it’s TV time or just playing some game with the kids. Let’s top this sixth hour off with Silver Needle White Tea. This tea is one of the most delicate flavors known and the experience is well worth it’s cost as well. Very mild yet exquisite flavor.

Dong Ding tea is my choice for this seventh hour of the day, it’s an Oolong however it’s creamy texture and floral overtone makes it a perfect fit for the time to calm ourselves and prepare for the day ahead of us. Some of us are going to sleep while others are starting the day, these teas work in both directions.

I learned this little trick from my grandmother and when you are almost wound down, you want to do something to pick yourself back up, not a lot but just enough so for that job I picked a stronger tea however one that has no caffeine in it. The tea is called Honeybush Hazelnut. This tea is a cousin to the Rooibus and contains no caffeine, it’s a fun tea with a great strong flavor and a scent from heaven I believe. It’s a wake up scent but a tea not strong enough to literally wake you up!

I saved this tea for this hour. It’s a common tea and I’m sure most everyone has heard of it. Known for it’s properties of calming the nerves and relieving stress it’s the Chamomile Herbal Tea. Not really a tea but a tisane this “tea” is a bedtime tea and prized for thousands of years for its therapeutic effects.

TEN O’CLOCK (2200)
While some of us are sleeping there are those that have already begun there days. We will continue on with our hours of teas thinking of those working the midnight hours. Some have been to work a while and others are just headed in,this tea is perfect for both as a pick me up and get the day going. It’s a strong tea with an extra added energy booster in it. It’s Yerba Mate’ and it contains its own natural energy however that energy does not give you the jitters or nervousness as most teas do. This tea is from the rainforests in Paraqua, Argentina and Brazil.
Here’s a fun tea for work, it’s actually a bit rare and just “found” in 2013. It’s known for its mangiferin from the arabica coffee plant and helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and blood cholesterol as well as protecting the neurons in the brain. It’s a tea made from the coffee plant itself called Coffee Leaf Tea and contains the most antioxidants then green teas.

Sencha Tea is an amazing tea so for our midnight tea I’ve chosen it for its awakening flavor and steamed tea vegetal or grassy flavor. Green teas are so good for you so why not being our midnights with a nice cup of fresh green tea.

ONE O’CLOCK (0100)
Well into our midnights (I’m actually on midnights so I can relate) is a boost not only in the area of caffeine but in flavor and scent. Lapsang Souhong is a very smokey tea, it’s strong and labeled it the whiskey of teas. It’s from the Fujian province of China. This tea will wake you up and you will never forget it’s strong smoky flavor.

TWO O’CLOCK (0200)
About this time of night I’m wondering if my night will ever end, it’s tough at times if you are not busy to keep alert. I start to feel cold and tired so I pull out my Pu-erh Tea and if it does nothing else I know I am doing a lot of good for my body. These teas can be up to 30 years old and fermented. They are a good cleansing for the body and the organs also.

I found this really nice Chai Spice tea and in the winter months it’s really refreshing. The mix of spices remind me of a pumpkin pie and fall and these spices are all good for you and your body. It’s an Indian tea and it’s good iced or with milk.
Following in the footsteps of our Chai Spice is a Rou Gui Tea the name itself means cinnamon. This tea is hard to brew because of it’s strength but once you get it down it is so worth the journey. The aroma is sweet with a strong rich smell as well as taste. We are welcoming in our night and others mornings. It’s just a great tea to have around.

Time to play that same wake up game we played earlier where we give our bodies something fun but winding down on the caffeine. This tea does the job as a Lemon Ginger Tea it is all herbs and fruit. It contains lemon, ginger root to give us some energy, safflower and hibiscus. This tea is a pucker up tea with a touch of ginger to keep us going.

SIX O’CLOCK (0600)
A Rooibos Tea for our six am call which is high in antioxidants and strengthens our immune system, those of us on midnight. Rooibos come only from the Capetown area of South Africa. So when we are thinking of lying down or waking up let’s try to do it in a gentler way and a healthier way.

Ahhh Vanilla Tea, there is nothing like a creamy cup of mouth watering vanilla it’s every so fresh fragrant scent. Vanilla can be enchanting and worth each sip and sniff. It’s calming affect on our body is amazing and a nice tea to sleep with or wake up to.

Ohhh it’s time to get the day going as most of our midnight folks are sound asleep. What better way to prepare the day and our stomach is by a Peppermint tea. It’s great for your stomach as well a great tea to open up the nasal passages and gear your body for what it may have to handle today.

So we are almost awake and some of us are starting our first hour of work. It’s a fun tea with little drive to it, however the scent alone will give you something to “ahhhh” about. Caramel Macchiato is a honeybush (cousin to rooibos) tea and it’s caffeine free along with it’s amazing scent it’s sure to please you and those around you that can get a whiff of it as you enjoy your cup.

TEN O’CLOCK (1000)
What a fun tea this is and no, it’s not a bug. Zoomba Pearls are a unique hand rolled white tea. Just think of the conversation starter there. This white tea is warm, sweet and buttery. It’s from the Milawi African area and really a great tea all around. ENJOY!

The tea all the rave this past year is Matcha Tea. The world is crazy about its Matcha. It’s a fun tea that is dried and ground to a fine powder and then put into hot water and whisked to a frothy drink. The color of the matcha is an amazing brilliant green as well. This tea has a lot of dietary properties as well.

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