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Tea Selection: Black Licorice

Company Name: Teageek’ry
Location: Nova Scotia
Teageek’ry prides itself in handcrafted tea blends that are fresh and local. Most of the tea, herbs and spices are organic and Lacey Bain who is the owner believes in knowing what goes into your body is important. Each bath is unique and the freshest it can be delivered to you.

Read more about Teageek’ry Tea on their website: HERE 

Cacao Nibs
Black Pepper

Costs at the time of this writing:

Starting at $8.50 CAD / 75 Grams

There are several things I like about this company beyond the tea. First off it’s organic and picked/grown locally. Second I got this really super sweet hand written note that made getting this tea extra special and personal.

Now onto the tea – Black Licorice. Did you see the ingredients? WOW, did you also notice it contains no tea, now to some people that may be an issue however, not here. I look at these teas as more of a health or direct issue tea (tisane).

This tea had a deep melon color and was full bodied. The smell was an absolute licorice with a slight under scent of citrus. It’s aroma would made a great room scent. If you look at the tea it’s so natural.



Once brewed the taste takes on a totally different flavor. This always surprises me with teas, the difference from scent to taste. Again very full bodied with a slight sour taste and on second sip I get a genuine vegetal taste. Now we’ve lost the licorice flavor and where did it go? Part of me is not so worried about it because the organic positive things in this tea make me feel like what I am getting is a whole food product that is so good for my body. I believe it is.

Tea just makes you smile, doesn’t it!

Till Next Tea!

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