Tea Review – Ararat Basil Infusion – Armeniac Tea

Tea Selection: Ararat Basil Infusion

Company Name: Armeniac Tea

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Founded: 1996 – began production

Founded by: Armen Mehrabian



Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:


HAM was established by Armen Mehrabian in 1996 as a small family business. HAM produces wild crafted herbal teas and spices in strict accordance with rehabilitated, mastered and patented ancient Armenian technologies and recipes.

Our company was established in the picturesque mountain village of Odzun in northern Armenia as a family enterprise with over three generations of experience in the herbal tea and spice industry. The driving philosophy of Armeniac is based on food ingredients and products that were prepared at courts and in monasteries throughout the ancient Kingdom of Armenia.

Оur environmentally friendly and nature crafted food products are made with natural ingredients growing wild at pristine high altitude meadows. We employ local people with an intimate knowledge of their immediate natural environment in our collection activities, contributing to the social sustainability of our operations.

One of the main objectives of Armeniac is to re-introduce authentic food ingredients and a tradition of food culture that is based on rediscovering ancient Armenian recipes. Professional chefs, gourmets and connoisseurs will enjoy the forgotten practices of dining and traditional food preparation that focus on a healthy diet.


Ararat Basil Infusion




I love to try not just different things but things that are different, creative and original. Armeniac Tea is all of the above and more, working to introduce the world to amazing products that come from their homeland and opening up our culture window just a bit more. There is a lot of information on their website as to the teas, company and Armenia, please take some time to not only order tea but learn more about the products and the country they come from.


Read more about Armenian Tea on their website: Armeniac Tea.




Ararat Dark Opal Basil

Wild Mint


COSTS: $14.25 – 0.88 ounce

Price varies according to the amount purchased.




Prior to brew: Mint with a slight licorice or basil background


Brewed: Fun colored tea that is a light purple pink color.


Scent: Definitely mint, as mint being the stronger scent and the basil is an off to the side fragrance that gets noted every now and again


Flavor: Mild mint and a slight basil aftertaste. A very soft tea that would be great for summertime hot or cold.


Sentiments: When I first saw basil as the name of the tea I felt right away this tea would be an interesting combination with the mint. It is. The mint is obviously the stronger of the two but really brings the basil to the combination. I’m very surprised at the strength of these two ingredient teas.


My Tea Vault score values of 1-10 (10 being the best): “7”.


Till next Tea….

Pinkies up!

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