5 Reasons Why The World Is At Your Feet and Tea Is In Your Cup

A cup of tea and a dose or reality!

Maybe or you there are more then five reasons and for others there maybe less one reason is enough to know why the world is and can be an amazing place. You have had those days, the ones that you just want to toss in the towel and turn your back to society. I know I have. The world still has some really cool fun things in it and when you get into one of “those” funky moods…

Remember there are still zoo’s and some of them are even free and there is nothing like seeing the activity inside a zoo, the animals, the people and the families. Life!

Then there are the libraries, those places of silence where anything is possible and generally is, inside a book. Take a seat, a deep breath and fly away to the world(s) that await you.

Realize you are not alone, no matter what you are going through, someone, somewhere is going through it too… think about them as you walk your journey and realize.. you are never alone.

I am very sure around you, no matter where you life is a place of beauty. For me it’s a cliff in a state park, and I can go there and look out towards the meadow and feel an instant peace. Find your place and when you need to, go there.

No matter what we are going through you have to know others are there for you, the internet alone can connect you with so many people who have, had or are having a day, week, month, year or life like you are.

YOU have the power to change your life… sometimes we can’t change what is going on in us or around us but we have the power to change how we react to it. We can receive all types of bad news but it’s how we react to that news that makes us a better person, not better for anyone but us.

Just today as I was passing through my journey called life:

A friend lost his girlfriend in a winter related accident.

A person dropped off a bag full of meds for someone who just got evicted.

Two people lost a pet that they loved and cherished.

Someone lost his grandfather and will toast him with a milkshake tonight.

A widow is enduring a Holiday season without the man she loves.

An elderly man, ran over an elderly female in a parking lot and killed her.

A person found out they have glaucoma.

Divorced parents are in turmoil over their sons emotions

Parents are scrambling to get the perfect gift

The third shift of a local plant was discontinued.

Terror grips our cities.

A girl is having a hard time getting over her friends overdose and death.

So is his family.

A young man has gone 6 months without a drop of alcohol.

Someone is a new grandparent.

And my list can go on and that is just today in the world that surrounds me. What surrounds you?


No matter what you are going through, no matter how hard you may find it to be, if you take a moment, if you look around you, you’ll see your journey is not so bad and no matter what that journey is..

You got it!

You control it!

Don’t let it control you!

Yesterday I was called “being petty” for taking the actions to some news I got and not rushing to take it in as fact, truth and re-act. I was taking control of it and me. It’s not horrible news but it’s not the best news someone would want to hear. It’s not being petty looking for second answers, or alternatives. It’s not being petty controlling your destiny. It’s certainly not petty taking precautions and not jumping because you are told you should. Yesterday people told me they were sorry for what had joined me in my journey and one person scolded me and told me to not be so petty.

Remember that kindness goes so far and being mean, sort of stops where it is thrown out at.

This might be a little vent but it’s also being said to let you know… YOU choose your journey, the people you have around you and even those you chose to not be around much anymore. Stay around healthy supporting people.

Know yourself and who you are, stay in control and don’t let anyone take away from you.

Okay so now go grab that cup of tea and sit down and realize you have options and the whole world, your world is at your feet. Go make it happen and … as always

Be you!

Till next time,

Lisa from My Tea Vault




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