A Royal Afternoon Tea


The Royal christening
The Royal christening


I’m an American.  I’m also a American that is fully enthralled by the Royals.  Not because of their celebrity status mainly because of Her Royal Highness the Queen and her life life story.

Everyone knows I’m all about Life Stories and her’s is quite a journey.

Because I’m so into tea I started to pay strict attention to the Royal High Teas and the Royal Afternoon Teas.  I wanted to take a moment to point out something of interest.

Americans love food, yes we do, I do and I am not saying British do not however, they don’t seem to party over tables and tables of food.

Let’s look at this story:

Princess Charlotte christening Tea Party

The thing I loved about this article is the fact that there is not a TON of food, things are cut into tiny pieces so that no one becomes stuffed.

Maybe the English just relish communication over food?  Maybe people are more interesting then what is on the plate?  The party is not the food but the celebration.

I also know the Queen herself has afternoon tea everyday.  She breaks away, has a cup of tea and a sandwich (something much smaller then our sandwiches).  The peaceful time has to be so refreshing with a woman who has so much on her “plate” everyday.

It would be nice to see Americans give up their fast food lunch and stir up a little tea and biscuit.  Tea and relaxation, Tea and ahhhh…

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