My Tea Vault was created with a love and passion for tea.  Tea is going to be the focus but we will allow ourselves some leeway if we get of topic now and again.

We will be steeping our way to a healthier you (and me).

The LOVE of TEA is a journey one we shall go on together, some of us will brew American and other Gongfu and some of us yet will do both. Some will drink iced tea while others will swear only by a cup of hot tea.

In the peace and wisdom often found in a tea ceremony so will that peace and wisdom join us here.

Can you almost smell that? Ohhh the scent of tea…

Now a lot of tea lovers will have a problem with an herbal “tea”.  It’s technically called a Tisane translated from the french as Herbal Infusion.  In fact true tea lovers don’t like those two words to be used together “herbal tea”.

When someone first gets “turned on” to tea it’s generally with a tisane, a tisane is a drink that is infused with herbs and in most cases contains no actual tea leaves.   Tisane can be a touchy subject with a true tea drinker.  Here I feel if you like it, drink it, but always allow yourself the room to grow.  Another fact is that a tisane can be a very healthy drink, yet not a true “tea”.

When I created My Tea Vault I never thought I would be sharing it with so many people, in fact my Tea Vault is in reality YOUR Tea Vault.  The tea reviews and everything posted here is done for the enrichment of those that visit and partake.

Tea has been around for a long long time and has survived the test of time.  I will be here to educate you the way I know how, experience.  I won’t be sitting here copy/pasting articles because there is not life in that,  we are going to sample and explore the tea around us.

The benefit to tea drinking is a deep subject and we are going to learn the benefit of the tea we drink and also squash a lot of those wives tales and rumors we hear about what tea is and what tea is not.

Let’s begin our journey of peace and wisdom, add your name to our email list and let the journey begin!