Argo Tea | Earl Grey Creme | My Tea Vault

We found a new tea spot in St. Louis so we stopped in one day to check it out. Argo Teas actually inside the SLU (St. Louis University).

First off I have to tell you they have amazing food and a vegan lemon poppyseed muffin to die for. But that’s not what we are here to talk about right now.

We had to really search for the store and do a bit of walking to find it inside the SLU library.

I purchased a jar of Earl Grey Creme made from “smooth black tea with bergamot and vanilla”.

I’m sorry but this is awful. I’m not sure if they spray the tea with a perfume scent or what, but it does taste as if you got some perfume in your mouth. It’s not pleasant at all.

I tried it twice and it was no different then the first time.

I’d have to say go to an Argo tea and enjoy the drinks, but for sure don’t waste your money on the Earl Grey Creme.

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