Baby It’s Hot Outside – Tea Popsicles

Baby, it’s hot outside

It might seem a pretty simple idea but honestly I never thought of it until I saw a recipe for a lemon/orange popsicle that made me think…. TEA


The past week it’s been in excess of 100 degrees and that is hot, no matter what you wear you are toasty from the car to the building so why not enjoy a handmade natural (way better for you) popsicle that you can enjoy with out all the additives and sugars.


If you are a tea lover and enjoy tea like I do, and I think you do because you follow me and receive my weekly newsletter you know that tea is an amazing ingredient as well as drink.


So here are some ideas for some “tea pops”!


The concept is very simple, make your tea, sweeten it if you like (I do not sweeten my drinks) and honestly I’d make it a bit stronger, pour into a Popsicle mold, freeze and … ENJOY!


Some fun Popsicle recipes from some amazing bloggers out there, Please enjoy and let everyone know these great sites and bloggers.


Mango Green Tea Pops – Thank you Minimalist Baker

Iced Tea Popsicles – Thank you Golden Moon Tea

Honey Chamomile Popsicles – Thank you Vanilla and Bean

Earl Grey Tea Popsicles – Thank you Brooklyn Farm Girl

Cucumber Mint Green Tea Popsicles – Thank you Cake over Steak

Green tea, Basil and Meyer Lemon Popsicles – Thank you Jerry James Stone

Blueberry Tea Popsicles – Thank you Home Cooking Memories

Green Tea Coconut Popsicles – Thank you 40 Aprons

Lemon Ginger Popsicles – Thank you The Harvest Kitchen


and last one (for now)

Golden Milk Popsicles – Thank you Food Pleasure and Health


Please let the wonderful bloggers and myself when you make their creations. There are a ton of recipes out there but I picked a few of the best.


Enjoy these recipes in the best of health!


Simply, Lisa B.


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