Big Box Store Teas and the Truth About Them

Before we get into all the great teas out there I wanted to start by mentioning a few not so great examples of tea.

They call themselves tea and a lot of you buy them and drink them and think you are drinking tea. In fact you are, however you are drinking the lower quality of tea there is. Some companies get a hold of a market and saturate it to the point you only think of one name when it comes to tea.   I think of a few items we use everyday that this has happened

Vaseline – is a brand name for petroleum jelly


Let’s discuss some common tea woes I have:


Lipton – I actually grew up on lipton tea, when I was sick my mother put honey in my tea and I felt better.   However Lipton tea like many commercial teas contain pesticides, the tea you are getting in your tiny Lipton bags are not washed or cleansed of any chemical that may have been used on them, that chemical goes right into your cup. If you like the flavor of your tea, as I did, then perhaps you like the artificial pesticide flavor as well.


Lipton, Celestial, Tetley and Twinings are famous for their “ingredient” listings as well. Natural flavorings? What can be more natural then black tea? What “natural” flavor are you adding?   Celestial Seasonings wellness line has been tested to find a carcinogenic and has been issued two warnings by the FDA states “the Food Babe”.


How about the famous Teavana? Recently I stepped inside their store and was met by a very high pressure sales person. I’ve heard this said about their stores lately and I am so surprised that Starbucks has taken them under their wings. I found a tea I liked, was offered the sniff the lid sensory appeal and decided to buy 8 oz of this amazing brand. Total? 59 dollars. WHAT are you kidding me. For? Blueberry Lemon tea? When I came home and did some research on the high selling ultra costing Teavanna I was sad to come up with the fact that their teas contain artificial and natural flavors as well as pesticides. This news made me sad.


What was happening to my tea world? Slowly it was moving me into a new healthy realm of organic and natural teas…





Plastic filter or bags, bleached infuser bags and there was still so much more to learn.


It takes a lot to grow a tea tree/bush and years before you can get enough tea leaves to make your own tea so on we go to finding amazing teas. I’ll be reviewing  a few teas. I’m picky so it may take a bit to impress me, but my findings and taste experience will be full of details so you can make the best decisions for you.


If you have questions about a particular tea I am reviewing please ask and I will give you all the details I can.


I’ll review bottled tea and fresh brewed, organic and conventional but not those listed above.

We also will talk about this new tea detox fad that has hit the floor running and why I don’t believe it is a good thing.


So, let’s do this and let’s put a pinky up and cheers! Mazel Tov to some fantastic tea tasting ahead.

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