Carmella | Special-Teas | Volant Pa.

Tea Selection: Carmella

Company Name: Special-Teas, Etc.

Location: Volant, Pa.

Brand: Three Thousand Leaves

Founded: 1983

Founder: Roberta Butchy



Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Started in a small kitchen in southwestern Pa. The line of teas they carry are “Three Thousand Leaves” and they chose that name for the first recorded usage of a camellia sinuses plant for tea which dates back 3,000 years. The second reason is because it is said one tea plant will produce 3,000 leaves in it’s life time.

Their blog has not been updated since February of 2015, however if you click the menu link by the web address there is a lovely letter about fall and visiting Volant!

The website does not hold a lot of answers of who they are and why they have chosen tea, however once you step inside their store you will know that this is a place of tea lovers.

One thing very unique and cute is they have taken the index card cabinets from libraries and filled them with different teas


There were so many to chose from as well as a sample of the day and a lot of fun Tea Stuff. My review of their shop will be on the blog shortly but for now, let’s get on to the teas I purchased and tell you all about them.



Read more about Special-Tea Teas on their website: Special-Teas, Etc.


Black tea, Butterscotch chips, Calendula, Sunflower Petals, Caramel and Vanilla Flavors.




COSTS:  varies according to what you purchase.



Prior to brew:  Just your normal tea waiting to surprise you!

Brewed:  Mild amber shade.

Scent:  Sweet scent, mixture of tea and caramel.

Flavor:  Slight caramel flavor.


Mildly bitter with a surprising caramel taste, not as sweet as you might thing with the caramel.




Till next Tea….

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