Cheese Tea, say WHAT???? Cheese Tea?

So you want to try some Cheese Tea do you?

Yes, I do, however I need to know more about it, so do you!

First it’s not a tea made from cheese, that would be simply gross even though the name would make you think that. It’s creation is still to be known but it’s origin seems to have come from China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Most of the people I spoke with about Cheese Tea either have never tried it and was grossed out by the idea or tried it and said it was very good. So the motto here is don’t judge a tea by it’s name. 🙂

It’s more of a tea with a cheese topping and there is a specific way to make it and an even more specific way to drink it.

I’ve found out that you get to pick your tea: YUM and then the “fluffy cheese” is put on the top of it and sprinkled with some toppings.

So, the tea I think we have covered, you get to pick your tea! What tea would you pick? I think I’d pick a strong black tea or possibly a green tea.

Now onto the cheese, it’s not cheese wiz as I sort of suggested in a reddit post and where I got the most response about the tea at. The cheese is actually more of a whipped cream with cheese added to it, very light, airy and thick if that makes any sense at all.


I found this video on You Tube which is really the best explanation I have found:

Video from Little Fluffy Head Cafe

That really explains it all, so it’s not melted American cheese or cheese wiz placed on top of our black tea (Whew) but more of a cream with cheese and milk and sometimes some pink salt, added to the top of our favorite tea.

My favorite tea would be a black tea, maybe an Earl Grey would be interesting.

I like the drinking method as well, it adds to the uniqueness of the tea.

So whose in for some cheese tea? I am!

Be Well

Lisa …

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