Do You Remember Your First Cup?

Do YOU remember your first cup of tea?

I do!


I was very young and I may not remember my very first cup but I can tell you exactly how it played out.

I can tell you that because for over 13 years of my life it was the same way, with the same feeling each time. My tea connection was special and had deep roots with family. But first I have to tell you about my family.

I was adopted by a man and woman that wanted to save their marriage and for some reason the only thing they thought of was to adopt something they really did not want. ME! It was obvious early on that my life would be filled with money and things but not a lot of love. My only solace was my grandmother. She lived about an hour away but we would travel there every other weekend and wow did I love those trips. I loved it even more when my mother and father would leave and it was just my grandmother and I.

It pretty much was my time to talk with my grandmother and she would listen to me. I think I was 5 when we first having our teatime. I remember the tablecloth, plastic and embossed, like this


And on it sat the most amazing thing to a five year old

Sugar Cubes


Sugar Cubes! I’d probably not touch one today but back then, WOW, and she never told me no or that’s enough when I ate them.

Then there were the tea bags, I remember they were plain and had sayings on them, back then I would presume them to be Lipton tea bags.


The hot water, the kettle, that whistle when the hot water was ready. I even remember the times she would throw in an ice cube so we could begin drinking right away.

My grandmother was amazing, she was my life and strength, she did not care if I was adopted and even when I made mistakes she still loved me. She listened which was beyond anything the most important to me. She heard me and at five, ten, fifteen, twenty years of age it’s so important to be heard.


It’s incredible what a cup of tea and a conversation can do and how far that memory will travel. I’m a grandmother now and I will never forget those plastic table cover, sugar cube, hot tea moments!


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