Gongfu? – What is it and How do I create my own?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about people wanting to start to create their own Gongfu.  I’m going to share with you the companies I have purchased from and allow you to decide what works best.

If you are not aware of what  Gongfu is it’s a tea ceremony which includes several items in order to process the tea as well as serves as symbolic gestures in the tea ceremony.  I find the tea ceremony to be very rewarding and peaceful.

The term “gongfu” actually means Making Tea With Skill and it does require a little bit of skill to complete.

Here are some of the items you may need, some are optional some are required.

Brewing vessel, Yixing teapot, porcelain teapot, or a covered bowl gaiwan.

Tea pitcher (chahai), or any matching size decanting vessel.

Hot water kettle, this can be a tea pot or even a carafe.

Brewing tray, or a deep, flat bottom porcelain plate to hold spills (spills are typical).

Tea towel or tea cloth.

Tea cups (traditionally 3), matching size.


Strainer, a tea strainer, sometimes built into the tea pitchers

Tea holder, tea leaf holder for weighing and dispensing.

Tea leaves required

As well as some optional items:

tea basin or bowl


kitchen thermometer

scent cup (snifter cup)

A pair of tongs

I also say you have to have a Tea Pet.  See HERE for tea pet description

There is a whole process to the tea ceremony and I will share these videos from SevenCups for you to experience and understand more  VIDEO or HERE

Now onto the places I have purchased from:

The Tea Ware House

JK Tea   

Ali Express (has some interesting tea pets)

These are just a few, there are so many out there but I’ve been getting a lot of questions and wanted to share these with you!

I hope this helps you better understand the Tea Ceremony as well as give you understanding to creating your own.

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