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There are some amazing Tea People out there. I wanted to share a few of them with you or as many that would allow me to.  Some of these people, actually most of them met me with open arms as I returned to the tea world of blogging.  I’m honored to be surrounded by amazing people and when you are done being introduced to them here, go check them out, follow them and enjoy what they offer!  


Name of your Blog and URL

Your Name

Steve Ellis

One word that you think describes tea?


Do you have a favorite Tea guide or book.

The book of tea by Louise Cheadle…she has become a successful partner of teapigs

What is your favorite tea?

Herbal infusions

What is your favorite way to make tea?

Off-the boil. Once the water has boiled wait sever minutes before infusing the the ingredients does not get scorched.

Do you have a favorite tea product?

Bamboo leaf and Nettle, it is so silky and smooth. Bamboo leaf contains Silica which allows the plant to grow tall strong and flexible….Silca isalso great for hair and nails.

Do you sell any products? If so what?

I sell Organic herbal infusions

What is your most memorable tea moment?

Jamaican Lemongrass and Sage in Jamaica…my father lives there so it’s always nice to tea and talk with him.

Advice you have for tea drinkers?

Keep exploring the different varieties of herbal tea and always keep Green tea close to your heart !!

What tea do you recommend beginners start with and why?

I think Green tea because is so soothing on the palate and tastes wonderful

Now go enjoy Wise Owl Tea, Steve has an awesome online presence and personality, you won’t regret following him, I promise!  Oh and his products.. just wait, I’ve got a few reviews coming to let you know what you are in for!  🙂  

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