Hey, Whose Stealing My Tea?

When I read the following article I found a few things so interesting about it that I had to write this post about it instead of just posting the article.


Albanians ‘invading’ Greece by night to steal mountain tea


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  1. Has anyone noticed lately the use of words that that media is using to grab our attention? In this case the word “invading”, as if there were a war or incident. I don’t get political often but I will call out any social media trend I see and dislike.


  1. I read the article then read it again and I wondered why they even have               to “steal” the tea. I agree that if no one is using it, why not submit for permission (I’m sure it’s easier to steal)


  1. Why not use what you have stolen to plant your own amazing field of Mountain Tea and Herbs? It may even lower the overhead of hiring people to steal it for you.


  1. The scariest part of this whole article is one sentence:


“It’s illegal in Greece to pick more than a tiny quantity of wild herbs for personal use in traditional infusions.”


I began to wonder what it would be like if the AMA or our Government decided the Ayurvedic methods where taking too big a chunk out of the financials of the medical industry that they decide to “cap” what we can grow, buy or pick. It’s a scary thought.


I’m curious about your thoughts….



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