How To Mediate With A Busy Fast Paced Schedule and Lifestyle

How to mediate on a busy fast paced schedule

How does meditation fit with tea?  For me it’s simple, tea, the process as well as the scent is nothing more then relaxation and mediation to me.  I hope it is for you as well.

Do you Meditate?

Do you Follow a Routine?

Do you Stop?

Do you Breath?

I’ve followed many meditation rituals from many famous people and I’m still of the same mindset that our DNA makes and creates us as unique and individual and while Tony Robbins breathing may work for me, his arm movements may not work for me and while I love Sat Yoga, parts of it are just not for me.

So what do you do? I can tell you what I do, I incorporate from all of these and that is what works for me. My schedule changes every three months and while I do realize this is HORRIBLE for my body, soul and spirit, for now, it’s where I am and while there I refuse to stress about it.  That stress will only add to the stress on my body so I have learned to work through my crazy lifestyle and use all that I have learned gather it together and make it all work for me.

I follow Tony Robbins, Sat Yoga, Deepak Chopra and I practice Ayurvedic lifestyle!

I do the massages, skin detox as well as dry brushing. It’s so important to take care of our external organ as well as our internal ones.

However, one thing I have found is that I cannot follow any one meditation principle, but I can incorporate theirs into one that fits my lifestyle because honestly there is only one me and my lifestyle is so fast paced and often irregular that I needed a balance for me.

Honestly any one program even in exercise is very hard for me to follow because of the pattern of my life right now and instead of me wishing my life were different (only at times because I love my life) I can adjust the outside influences to adapt to my lifestyle and you can too.

So often you give up what you are doing because it just does not work for you and not that what you are doing is wrong, most likely it is very right however, it just does not fit into your life what do you do?



So what do I do? I mix a bit of this and that, I breath, I’m grateful throughout my day, I keep a grateful jar, I stop often with deep cleansing breaths and when I can a take a moment or two and close my eyes and stop the world around me, stop my mind and I meditate for peace and calming in my own body. Every day I am reminded to meditate, every day it becomes more and more a part of my life.

I also know when I miss meditation, I feel the stress and I do get aggravated easier.

It’s so important to breath, to stop, to be grateful, to be humble, to be vulnerable, to speak positively, to command the day, to control the racing mind and to heal the mind and body brining them into one.

So stop stressing and trying to make one person’s mediation regime fit, take a few of them, press them into a well-planned “workout” for you and enjoy.

Remember to be flexible as well and as we grow in each day we also need to adjust what we are doing.

At work I carry three stones with me (right now I carry four) there are times I feel the need to change the stones I carry. In fact that is why I carry four stones right now.

A few months ago some children were brought into my station because of a situation in their lives, and while I got to spend just a little bit of time with them I gave them each a stone (the three that I carry). I replaced what I had then and when I feel so moved I give more away. It’s important just as with meditation that we learn to listen to our body and our soul and adjust when we need to.

So part of breathing, relaxing and meditation is finding the right fit for you while waking, working and living.

Wishing you the best of health always,

Simply, Lisa B.


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