How To Properly Taste Test Tea

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When it comes to tea, there is drinking, and there is tasting. With seemingly limitless flavors, it can be difficult to describe the true taste of tea, or at least your perception of its qualities. Researchers have identified five flavors that trigger taste sensation (sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and savory). But tasting is actually much more complex.

Choice Organic Teas conducts a tea tasting weekly for our employees. It’s a good chance to explore our own line of organic teas and to wander through the many other offerings that originate worldwide.

Here are a few tips that we following regarding the proper tasting of tea:

  • Give the infused leaves a few quick sniffs. These aromas are the keys to what you will later taste. Are there any particular words that come to mind? Flowers? Chocolate? Smoke? Spice?


  • Take a sip. Are those same aromas there now? Are there new things coming through? Does the flavor change from the time you sip it to after you’ve swallowed it?


  • Try and grasp what the tea feels like in your mouth and on your tongue. Is it strong and full or light and mild? Is it drying or thirst quenching? Does it quickly disappear off of your tongue or sit around leisurely with more to say?


  • Think about how the tea makes you feel. Do you feel calm? Cozy? Energized?

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