How To Remove Toxicity From Your Life


The steps it took to remove toxicity from my life and how removing it from your life will be easier.

This guides job is to bring back peace and remove what toxicity we can.


The definition of toxicity is this:

The degree to which a substance (a toxin or poison) can harm humans or animals. Acute toxicity involves harmful effects in an organism through a single or short-term exposure.


We live in a toxic world from what we eat to those we are surrounded by.

Our lives are moving faster then ever thanks to the Internet age. We all want it FAST.

Fast paced, fast life, fast food and fast answers.

What I want to share with you today are ways to remove the toxic things from your life and bring a more centered, definitely more rounded and extremely more peaceful life


It’s time to breathe……



Hello, I’m Lisa and I own My Tea Vault.


That’s me



My Tea Vault is an online community of tea lovers focusing on reviewing tea and enjoying the peace and comfort that the preparation and cup of tea bring us. I wanted to do more then that, I wanted to focus on the toxic lifestyle we have all been forced to live with and share with you the ways I have found to be beneficial in releasing the toxicity from our lives.

For more information about My Tea Vault and myself can be found: HERE.


Toxicity can mean a few things and I will be addressing them as we read further, however right now where we are sitting/standing we are surrounded with toxic fumes, toxic chemicals in what we eat, breath, wear and even sleep in.

We can’t lay our heads on the new carpet without worrying about the toxic chemicals used to make the carpet so amazing, which may poison us in the short term.

Then there are the toxins inside of us, the mental stress we deal with everyday: driving to work can raise our blood pressure and stress out our system, and that’s just one of the ways.

At work we are surrounded with mass amounts of toxic conversations, negative and angry people. When we drive home we are following those same people home in the passing lane (tell me I’m not right).

Our toxic lives leave us to become distracted in what we are doing whether it’s working, communicating, raising our families and yes even driving home from work or to the store on our day off.

Our lives have become demanding, most of us don’t even take our vacation time that is offered to us at work. WHY NOT? Why would people not take the time off that is paid and given to them? That’s paid time to unwind and relax.

We need to get the toxins out of our lives; they affect our health, our ability to make good decisions and our peace of mind.

Toxins create stress and stress creates disease and illnesses. Toxins can destroy not only our lives but also the people’s lives around us. When our bodies are at a constant state of unrest, so is everything around us. Everything we influence will be affected by the way we act or feel.

So, how do we get rid of these toxins? You don’t let toxins win and you remove what toxicity you can. First let’s identify what are toxins.

Toxins are all around us, some toxins we can do very little about, others we can make choices and yet others we cannot afford not to make the choices to remove that toxicity from our lives.

What we can do is that which is within our ability and that which will make all the difference in our lives. The major key here is to determine your toxicity points and work on removing them.

It’s an individual effort that can affect more then just one person and those around us will benefit as well, in a good positive way.

There are toxins in the air we breathe and the air that surrounds us, these toxins affect our lungs and our organs including our largest organ our skin. We can’t do much about the air we breath, we can wear a mask however, in reality who wants to do that?

Our skin, we can work on but if you want to remove toxins from your skin the last thing you want to do is use a product that just adds another kind of toxin to your body. Products that list ingredients like:




Ethanolamine Compound







And more….

Thanks to Tata Harper for her Toxic 10 list

Slowly you want to move away from those products that you purchase at the local store and upgrade to less toxic choices. What’s toxic and what is not?

Check out the app: Think Dirty

I learned about this app last year when Ivanka Trump shared it on her website and use it every time I purchase a skin care product. I moved far away from the toxic 9/10 ratings to much less toxic 2/3 sometimes a 4 rating.

I’m not telling you anything I have not done and continue to do myself.



This is not going to happen over night! (this is why most diets fail)


It takes time to make a life change! (again, a diet fail)


Pick an area, START it and COMPLETE it.




Stay turned for part II and tell your friends, it’s going to be good!

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