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When we begin to expose our senses to things that remove toxins, we create a true peaceful haven for our lives. Everything else is just a quick fix.

McDonalds is a quick fix for food.

Urgent care is a quick fix for medical attention.

Fix a flat is a quick fix for a low/flat tire.

Instant food is a quick fix for preparing.

Microwaving food is another quick fix.

You do not need a quick fix in the world today, you need… peace real peace that lasts and changes things, positively now and in the future.

A quick fix is something we all do after a long day or week, we go into chill mode, we go hang with friends, and we eat, drink and laugh. We enjoy loud music and the party scene we…


We bowl, bicycle, jog and we spend time working out and trust me that is good for you, you feel better but at the end of the night we’ve only avoided the toxic issues and they are still in us.

How we fix stress is by paying attention to our senses and treating them to some awe inspired certified time proven remedies.


The greatest sense has to be smell, because none of the other senses interact with each other as much as smell. Your smell can take you to a different world, a past memory or conversation.

How many times does a certain scent remind you of something else good or bad, a scent can take you someplace special and that is exactly where you want to go.

I remember a time I was standing in line at the grocery store and all of a sudden I was hit with a scent, it was floral and it took me back to a time when I was 18, I could remember it vividly as if it were the night prior. That scent took me there. Where do you want to go?

Our senses are very powerful and that is why we can use our senses to created peaceful places for us. That is up to us and what we like and what reacts to our sense of smell.


The least of our senses that brings us the most pleasure is right here. Taste is something that seems to fool us all the time, what we want, eat and taste is generally what we do not need and what we need we do not want, do not like and tastes horrible to us. How is that even right? We spend our lives adjusting our tastes to suit what we need to keep moving and stay alive.

Taste is very important and our taste can be tainted by our food choices. I had a child spend the night at my house and he was not interested in any food however he wanted to eat snack cakes and junk food all night. He had been allowed to destroy his taste buds and the only thing that tasted good to him was sugary substance. This child eventually was diagnosed with Leukemia, had a marrow transplant and is doing well to this day. I have no idea how his dietary habits are. I can only hope they improved. His taste destroyed and created stress on his body by poor dietary choices.

Taste is so important but it goes to prove that we can change how we feel about certain foods by trying new things and working on adding new things into our diet that are good/better for us.


If you have some time read this book on WORDS it talks a lot about what we say but there is also room to know stress can depend on what we hear as well. When we are out in public we hear a lot of things, our subconscious mind take so much of it in and we hardly realize it, team that up with noise and we are STRESSED. We don’t even know why or how. If we find out what calms us right down (and no it’s not white noise) it helps us to bring our inner self to a peaceful place. How many times have you started to sing a song but have no idea where you hear it? Your subconscious mind knows.


Touch is so important, in Alzheimer’s patients the thing that helps them the most is touch, the point of touch brings such an emotion it calms the soul. Why do you think a hug feels so good? Touch = Emotions and why do you think a punch equals a whole different emotion?


Welcome to the Internet age, we see more information then any other generation and while we see it our brain works hard to process to keep up. Some of us go into overload and some of us just keep soaking it all in. We are bombarded by colors, logo’s, and flashing lights. It never ends and it probably will only grow more and more intense in the years to come.



Stop the world I want to get off, you have heard that right? How do you deal with a toxic world?




You don’t want to just jump off the world and most times you can’t even remove yourself from your situation. There are ways to remove yourself from the world and remove the toxicity it brings your way.

Stones – I was never one to really believe in the power of stones yet there is a scripture in the bible that every since I was younger has hung with me, it talks about if people become silent even the rocks will cry out. I LOVE the thought of that. I also love rocks/stones. Come into my home and you will find them placed around my home. I carry three in my pocket to work and there are some fun polished ones on my desk I love. It is important for you to be at peace in your environment. Rocks and stones carry properties so it’s good to know what each one will do. Here is what I carry in my pants pocket to work:

Snowflake Obsidian – brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.
Aquamarine – balance emotions, strengthen personal power.
Sodalite – helps you to stand for what you believe in.

Feng shui – The magazine Real Simple brings us a very simple look at the practical practice of Feng Shui and to help bring some order and peace (CALM) to your life.

Check it out, I know I did and I’ll soon be decorating a new place for me to exist for a while.

Essential Oils – Essential oils are all the rage, almost up there with Pokémon, okay, not really but for those of you who do not know the powers of essential oils this guide is for you.

I love LOVE essential oils and besides my stones that I carry and have placed around my home I use essential oils in my home, car and at work. I have special mixes for grounding and peace that I use on a regular basis.

Yoga – My daughter is the Yoga lover and I use yoga as a way to stretch and center my being.   There are so many different Yoga poses you just have to start somewhere, start simple.

Despite what it looks like Yoga is an intense workout to do. I laughed at a Yoga chart my daughter had and tried a few of the moves, by few I mean three, I about threw up. Do not laugh at Yoga, it’s serious, Yoga laughs back.

Meditation – For me my meditation is a solemn time to focus on one thing only whether it is God or my breathing. It’s a time to calm myself down and remove myself from everything and present myself exhaled from stress and drama.

At work I have started to do a small breathing exercise during the day, I stretch my hands out and upward and meet my fingertips over my head as I am inhaling as deep as I can. I slowly bring my hands and arms down to the front of my abdomen as I breath out. I do these three or four times in a row and I can feel the tension leave my body.


STATEMENT: I have a lot of friends and former friends who do not believe in the above-mentioned things, because of their religion, they believe some of these things are somehow connect to witchcraft or demonology. For many years I felt the same way until I examined each one in more detail. These are personal decisions each person must make for their own life, I suggest you exam each topic and educate yourself on what it is, what you want to do and how you will conduct each one in your life once chosen.


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