Our favorite teas!

Choice Mango Ceylon – I got “hooked” on this tea at one of my favorite restaurants.  I asked the waiter about the tea and the next thing I knew I was presented with a full bag of Choice’s Mango Ceylon.  I never looked back and have bought it as my favorite tea for many years.  A Ceylon tea infused with mango pieces it’s got a brisk black tea taste with the sweetness of the citrus mango.

Teavana Earl Grey Creme –  You’ll find that I’m not a big fan of the Teavana chain for various reasons, however this tea has made it to the list because of it’s unique flavor and appeal.  I’m an Earl Grey lover and I find comparing Earl Grey’s a challenge to find something new and exciting, this tea fits the mold.   It’s your typical Earl Grey with an infusion of Bergamot and they added a bit of vanilla pieces to it.  It really just adds a creamy flavor to the tea and a great sensation with each sip.

Harney and Sons Paris– This tea recently caught my eye at a set of Harney teas I was privileged to taste.  A very bold tea with a unique flavor combination of three teas.  It’s flavor of Caramel, Bergamot and Vanilla really stand out yet mix together for a great taste sensation.

Harney and sons Earl Grey Supreme – Yet another Earl Grey, this one is similar to most Earl’s however there seems to be some added interesting fun with the inclusion of white tea and an oolong as well as the familiar bergamot.  It’s really got a unique WOW taste.

Starbucks Black Tea (I order mine with no sweetener and no H2O) – Okay yes, I do like a Starbucks tea now and again.  I have to say all my teas I drink with NO sweetener, I just don’t like it.  But once in a while if I want to go back in time I will add honey to a hot cup of tea in honor of my grandmother’s memory.

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