Review on the Run – Dean and Deluca – Earl Grey

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I love an Earl Grey so while in New York last month I picked up a canister of Dean and Deluca’s Earl Grey.  You all know me and know that is what I do when I’m on the run, I find a tea spot, find the Earl Grey and hope it makes me smile.

The one think I really like about this tea besides it’s most amazing flavor is the fact that the tea itself packs a lot of power in just a teaspoon full.  The tea liquor itself was very dark and allowed me to use the tea for an extended period of time by adding some water to it.  THIS is my preference and I do like my tea strong.  It took nothing away from the amazing flavor that Dean and Deluca bring to the table (or should I say cup).

Strong beverage that goes a long way, it’s a beautiful taste with the Earl Grey scent and flavor you would expect. I liked this tea a lot and if you ever get the chance stop into a Dean and Deluca store, it’s really a very pleasant experience.


Thank you Dean and Deluca for making this tea reviewer smile!  Pinkies up!


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