Some “Healthy” Thanksgiving Day Advice… You’re welcome!

If you are not familiar with “Food Babe”  I suggest you follow her, she’s got spot on advice about what is healthy as well as what is going on in our food industry.

I copied this from a recent article she wrote about the holidays and how to keep yourself healthier during the holidays. Great advice from a very smart lady.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving but more then that a Happy Healthy Peaceful life.

Drink a green drink (and don’t skip breakfast): Make sure to start your day with a green drink to give yourself a healthy energy boost that will remind you that your health comes first. Several of my favorite green juice and smoothie recipes are on the blog here. Follow this up with a good breakfast too, to keep your hunger in check. You don’t want to show up to the Thanksgiving table ravenous, because then you’ll eat everything in sight!

Seek out raw food first. Fill up your plate with raw veggies and a salad before eating anything else. You’ll still have room for more delicious goodies later!

Cut out the alcohol (or keep it limited). Your liver is your main detoxifying organ, so if you’re trying to lose weight drinking alcohol is your worst enemy. If you want to have a festive drink, bring along your own bottle of organic wine. Have just one glass and then replace it with sparkling water and lime the second time around.

Relieve stress. If you are feeling super stressed out, your cortisol levels can skyrocket causing your body hold onto weight (particularly in the waist). Fat accumulates near the stomach because the cells in the stomach are more sensitive to cortisol, and very effective at storing energy. Do some yoga, meditation, or take a long walk either before or after your big meal.

Cap off the night with some ginger tea. Ginger can counteract any inflammation, and is effective in calming the stomach and aiding in digestion. Here’s how I make it.

If you aren’t hosting, bring along healthier versions of your Thanksgiving favorites. Of course you should never show up to a dinner empty-handed, so use this rule to your advantage and bring along a healthy dish (or a few). Not only will this ensure that you have something healthy to eat, but you’ll get to share a real food dish with your family to show them how delicious healthy food can be! Perhaps you will inspire a new tradition.

But of all things, enjoy, relax and if you do over indulge just realize..tomorrow you can just run that extra mile and make it all okay again!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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