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Good Morning Beautiful,

Tea is such an important parts of our lives. If you don’t drink coffee I bet you drink tea.

I’m a Starbucks fan as well and I drink most of teas out of their Venti double walled drink holder.
It holds just enough tea for me in the mornings and then by mid afternoon I can switch to a normal cup to enjoy the ice alone with my iced tea drink.

How do you brew your tea?

I’ve learned through the years that you can pretty much brew your tea anywhere, and with anything.

I travel to Israel and while there I realized they don’t like to give out a lot of ice. Ice is expensive and cost money to keep and to produce with electricity so high. My first morning I asked for tea I got hot tea and had to ask for a glass of ice. As the times have rolled by they now know to give me a glass of ice, hot water and two tea bags.

I’ve learned you can make hot water just about anywhere by asking, carry a few tea bags on you, stop at a local store and grab a glass of ice (most places won’t even charge you) and you are good to go.

Oh yes, and I don’t use any sweeteners in my tea. So that is something that makes my life a bit easier as well.

Traveling long distances it’s exactly the same. I bring my own bottled tea, stop for ice and I’m good.

Even on air flights you can ask for hot tea and a glass of ice.. good to go 🙂

It’s how you look at it and how you plan.

The one way I don’t like to make tea is in a hotel coffee pot and the people that tell you that’s the way to make it, well, don’t. I don’t care how much you clean it out.. it’s going to taste like coffee tea, ICK!

One tea I’ve tried recently is the new rave, it’s a mixture of tea and lemonade. I can see this as being a new open to take tea and mix it with other things.. should be interesting to see how it goes. But I like this. I first tried it with a sample from Kerug for their tea and I was hooked. It’s sweet and I’m going to get some unsweetened soon to try out. I may even play around and make my own.

Have you tried it yet? If so, what do you think?

If not.. try it, it’s really an awesome taste!

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