Hello fellow lover of teas…

I am honored to be trusted with your tea and tea products.  At present I have reviewed over 200 tea and several fun tea products.

I love a great loose leaf tea as well as an herbal and even a tisane.  I love to share my reviews with people looking for great products and do my best to be biased even with a tea that may not be pleasing to my palate.  It’s not about me liking a tea, it’s about sharing your product wth my viewers.

I receive a lot of products every week however, for now, all teas and tea products sent will be reviewed.  Because of the number of submissions it may take up to two months for your review to be scheduled on the website.  However special dates can be arranged when the need arises.  I am working on a way to close this gap but for now, each tea will get it’s own day.

I will send you a notice when I receive your package as well as the date(s) of your review(s).

All pictures taken by My Tea Vault can be shared via the blog but not used in any other way separated from the review.


I  Only Have A Few Rules

Sometimes I receive teas in plastic baggies.  These will not be reviewed and ask that all teas be sent in the same manner and respect they are sent to your clients.

Often I get new items not listed on websites yet, please send information about the products like price and product information and when/if they will be available for purchase.  I am also open to reviewing promotional items.

If your tea is for a promotional time (sweet tea day, iced tea day, etc.) please let me know so I can schedule them accordingly.

Once your product goes live, please feel free to share the blog link on any social media you like and I ask to be tagged in your posts as well.


Please contact me with your affiliate details and share the tea love.  Let me know what you would like and let’s see what we can work out.


Ohhh and… please tell me what you think, I love feedback so take a moment and give me your feedback: good, bad or indifferent.  I want to hear from you.  I can’t wait to share tea talk and news with you.


Feel free to contact me via this blog site or feel free to contact me at: