Tea Bag Tea vs Whole Leaf Tea

Tea Bag Tea vs Whole Leaf Tea

Welcome to your journey, the journey to find your special and perfect tea.


What is a Tea Bag Tea?

Tea Bag is a small porous bag containing tealeaves or powdered tea.


What is a Whole Leaf Tea?

Whole Leaf Tea is the entire leaf whether rolled or curled and dried


I still believe a tea bag is used to hold tea grounds so you can make tea without the grounds floating around your cup.


It reminds me of leftovers, and things that were cast away, you know the crumbs. Most of the tea bag teas I have seen contain another interesting ingredient “flavoring”. We’ve talked about flavoring before and the fact that there is no regulation on this particular listed ingredient. it could be anything. Honestly what is it? It could be oil, a spray, a product and virtually anything.

Can you tell I am not a fan?

There are a few companies that utilize tea bags that contain more then dust, and they are few and far between.

Along with a lot of the tea dust are chemicals and or “flavorings” to enhance the flavor.



“Flavorings have no guideline with the USDA? So, essentially “flavoring” can be anything”


Okay, back on track here.

Loose-leaf tea especially single origin teas are an incredible and vast difference from Tea bag tea. It’s the whole leaf that has been minimally processed. Its end result is not dust but a whole leaf product for you to brew.



“You can steep a whole leaf tea several times before it’s too weak to drink?”


Try doing that with a Tea Bag.

In conclusion, if you want a good quality tea you need to look at loose-leaf tea and single origin to get a really amazing tea experience.

However, we all start somewhere and today is your start, you chose to explore more into tea and step deeper into an amazing world.

Your journey has just begun.

You’re Welcome!


Tell me what you’d like to be drinking….  Tea Dust

Or Whole Leaf Tea

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