The Mother In Law Visit

Your tea has to be calming so it must contain some chamomile to bring that soothing calm you are going to need. Even if your Mother in Law is the most amazing addition to your family – That tea, your going to need it. This tea just like a Summer Breeze by Phoenix Herb Company.

Tea Suggestion: HERE  S(ummer Breeze by Phoenix Herb Company)


That Hot Date

Oh! Your finally going on that first date. I’ve got the tea for you, your tea will contain peppermint to calm those nerves and stomach and oh yes, freshen your breath.

Tea Suggestion: HERE (Tea Pigs Peppermint Licorice)


Zombie Apocalypse

Well, it’s finally happened and your town is overrun by zombies, now is the time to put into practice all the things you learn from The Walking Dead. However for us tea lovers we are going to need a tea to keep us up and running. I suggest a tea that has some power behind it. Something with a wake up call.

Tea Suggestion: HERE  (Stash Tea – Power Breakfast Black Tea and Mate)


Under The Weather

Chicken Noodle Soup, there is something about that soup when you get sick and don’t think about generic, it’s got to be the real deal! That same feeling you can get with tea, something black, sweet and hot. Peppermint can be added to calm the stomach and the soul.

Tea Suggestion: HERE   (organic Peppermint from Tranquilo Tea)



You all know I am not a fan of the Detox movement however, there is nothing wrong with a good cleansing tea. Each tea has a property all it’s own and a few are used in cleansing situations. No tea is going to make you skinny, it’s just not going to happen. Diet and Exercise will make you not only skinny but healthy and that is what we need.

Tea Suggestion: HERE Heart T’ee Hibiscus tea



Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate, did I say it enough? HYDRATE.

If you can’t drink water (the best thing) for for a ginger or mint tea to help with the nausea, headaches and hangover symptoms.

Tea Suggestion: HERE  Anna Tea Shop Ginger Cream Green Tea


Childless Weekend

Every now and then we get that break in life which allows us a little flexibility in our tea drinking, so grab a cups tea and add something special or perhaps a nice Green Tea Alcoholic Beverage like the one I am suggesting below.

Tea Suggestions: HERE  Marlee Green Tea Whiskey


Computer Drain

Chamomile is the best thing for eye staring but not only to drink it but to put the cooled, used tea bags on our eyes to allow them some time to soothe and calm down after a long day looking at a computer screen. You can also make a nice rose water baths for your eyes as well

Tea Suggestions: HERE Harney and Son’s Egyptian Chamomile


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