Tea Lovers LOVE Healthy Foods: US Wellness Meats is one I have to share with you

Because you’re a tea drinker I always assume you care about what you are putting into your body. I may assume wrong but from the communications I receive from most people is that tea, is the healthy drink, the peaceful drink and the rewarding drink.

From time to time I happen to find some amazing good places to share with you all, last week in my newsletter I shared about US Wellness Meats and because I really believe their product is THAT good I wanted to share it with you in my blog post so everyone could check them out.

I was on a search for healthy meats, I wanted grass fed, then I learned there is a difference even in the the grass fed industry. Grass fed is good, grass finished is even better. Some grass fed farms grain finish their meats and they have all kids of reasons for doing so, the top two I heard were:

  1. Grain adds marbling to the meat
  2. Grain adds the flavor you want in your meat

So I guess the grain finished industry knows what I want. Hardly. I was even told I’d not like the taste of 100% grass fed/finished beef. WRONG.

For me what grain finishing does is compromises the meat I am desiring. It’s also insulting to me as a consumer that they try to tell me what I like in a meat and what needs to happen to get it.

Let’s take Corned Beef (it’s my most favorite cut of beef) when I first got into this healthy way of life I realized all those nitrates were HORRIBLE and had to give up my corned beef. When I found US Wellness Beef of course the first thing I purchased was corned beef. It looked different but want to know something, it was amazingly the best corned beef I ever had AND it was better for me.

Who knew? Surely not those guys trying to sell me their grain finished beef.

So what do I purchase at US Wellness Meats? Corned beef, chicken broth bones, their really amazing beef sticks, chicken, steaks, roasts and I’m soon to try their ground lamb to make THIS (Greek Gyro Skillet )

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter that is where all the good stuff happens: Deals, specials, contests and recipes and if you get close to Canton Missouri please stop in, there is so much the store has to offer!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate you all

Simply, Lisa B!


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