Tea made her sick | Her article did the same to me

When I read this article I was at first interested and then I became a bit upset with the way this article made tea out to be. Finishing my Bachelors I totally understand the desire to do a test to check the theory of something. However after reading this article I had to write about it and debunk her myth of what she was trying to compel her readers to believe.

I am an avid tea drinker. I do not drink soda and my main drink or choice is tea, followed by water.

I am also a tea tester and reviewer so I know a little bit about tea and tea choices.

Beyond all that I am also all about common, sense none of which was followed in his article.

So here is my common sense response to this article.

First, let’s exam this so called “tea” she was drinking. I will tell you where Yorkshire tea falls on my range in tea testing. It doesn’t. Yorkshire tea is a big box store brand who has taken tea leaves and ground them up to tiny little itty bitty pieces of tea. What is worse is the tea leaves were never cleaned or washed so all the pesticides that they big box brands use are still in that ground up sand you are drinking.

Of course you feel awful. I feel awful just knowing you drank that much of that stuff.

Two, Who in their right mind drinks days and days of tea, let alone 60 of them? I am not sure what she was trying to prove here because I am very sure her friends are not alone drinking tea, in fact she states how her room mate was drinking a beer. So obviously the people around her are not getting their “energy” and because they drink tea 24/7. I am sure they drink it a lot. I know I do.

So what I’d like to offer Jessica is for her to do her experiment with a few variables added to make it’s outcome have a point with true measure.

Get yourself some real loose leaf tea and get a variety, you say you got so bored with what you were drinking. If you were a tea drinker you would realize there are 100’s and 1,000’s of different teas for you to enjoy. So grab some teas, have a cup in the morning and one with dinner, drink water and if you need it a nice calming tisane for bedtime. Don’t load it with sugar.

The caffeine in tea will not act like the caffeine in coffee. Teas caffeine is a much gentler way to work into the body, it won’t give you the jitters and it also won’t pick you up and drop you an hour or two later. It comes into the body and leaves the same way….gently.

But please do not write an article and expect any tea lover to just accept tea made you feel sick. THAT tea made you sick, the way you consumed it made you sick.

Your theory is less then valid, it’s not substantiated with facts or variables.

The saying is: Everything in moderation… ring a bell?

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