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Ceylon was the former name of Sri Lanka until 1972. Sri Lanka’s tea industry stands at about 1.5 billion globally.

Ceylon tea comes in three varieties: Black, Green and White and grows well in that climate and terrain. Ceylon tea is high in polyphenolic.

Any tea that comes from Sri Lanka is called Ceylon and it is found all throughout the world and most prominent as a black tea.


Aids in weight loss (still not a miracle thou), protect against chronic illness, boost heart health, increase energy levels, improve skin, strengthen the immune system, level out diabetic symptoms and prevent kidney stones


Ceylon tea is said to:

Warm the body

Stimulate metabolism

Promote a healthy body

Reduce Oxidative stress

Help Immune system

Protect from infections

Contain Potassium – heart health

Relaxes tension in blood vessels/arteries

Contain Caffeine

Reduce Collagen loss

Reduce Blood Glucose

Contain Impressive antioxidants

  1. Theaflavins
  2. Thearubigins

Black Tea is More oxidized, mild and with a citrus flavor

Green Tea is unfermented leaves, high level of antioxidants with a medium nutty flavor

White Tea is the most expensive and is hand picked and processed, dried by the sun also known as silver tip, considered rare with a sweet flavor.

One last thing about the Ceylon tea is the Lion Logo (Lion of Ceylon). This logo is well known as Sri Lanka Ceylon Logo that claims that the tea you are drinking has passed a strict standard. Only tea from Sri Lanka can use this logo and only tea produced and packaged legally in Sri Lanka can bear the Lion Logo.

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