Tea on the Road Review: Harney & Sons – Diamond Jubilee

So, a new set of blog posts that are short and to the point.

I’ll be talking about tea that I taste while out and about, local, traveling and well, wherever I may be served a nice cuppa.

Today I’ll be sharing about Harney & Sons Diamond Jubilee,  I was traveling recently and the Harney & Son’s name is familiar to me so when I had a chance to try something new I thought I better do it!

Diamond Jubilee is a loose leaf tea that is packaged in sachets and also loose leaf.  I love Harney & Sons for offering their tea that way so people have a choice.

The tea is lovely and is on the Earl Grey side with grapefruit flavor that gives this tea a bit of a brisk flavor, the scent is very nice and reminds me of a lovely Earl Grey with a bonus. It is a mild black tea with silver tips included as well as oils of grapefruit and bergamot.

I suggest trying this tea if you are an Earl Grey lover like I am

Need the link?  Here it is: Diamond Jubilee

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