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Interesting Highlights:

Chamomile are one of those herbs that just settle you down and calm your soul, there is something enlightening yet calming and soothing about a chamomile tea.




Zest of Lime combined with the spice of ginger



Chamomile tea is a tea that a lot of people drink at bed time, sometimes dipped the sleepy time tea however I drink chamomile any time my body wants to just unwind and relax. You can pair this tea with chocolate, such a great combination as well as a nice slice of cake. Great mid day lunch tea as well.


This chamomile has an earthy yet sweet flavor, it’s mild and smooth.

Cost: $3.60 / 25 single serving tea bags

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.






Interesting Highlights

There is nothing like a peppermint tea and you see them everywhere and what is important are the quality of the herb and how it was prepared, BOH tea takes great pride in how they prepare their teas and the soil the teas are grown in, as well as the herbals is divine, the flavors really shine through.


This peppermint is just right, not overpowering but you are not searching for the peppermint cooling sensation in your mouth, it’s right there and peppermint is such a good herb for your digestion. It’s calming and helps with little stomach issues as well. Great all around tea with no caffeine.






This is a lovely mint tea, it’s pure and fresh as well as refreshing.  I love the way a mint tea will just refresh your mouth and leave that minty aftertaste.  Mint teas are also helpful with your digestion.


Cost: $3.60 / 25 single serving tea bags

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.








Interesting Highlights:

This is a medium liquor tea with a lovely strong sent of citrus and lemon.  As soon as you open the package the scent is strong and beautiful.



Scents of lemongrass and thyme



I think this tea would make a great pick me up tea for a late evening cup. It would pair well with many desserts and it’s strong citrus flavor makes it refreshing both iced or hot. The tea will leave you with a fresh lemon taste in your mouth, not a fake oil or essence. It’s a lovely reminder of the tea you just sipped on, not overpowering but just right.


So, I’m not kidding the flavor of this tea really hoovers in your mouth for a while after you done sipping. That’s interesting and enjoyable.


Cost: $3.60/ 25 single serving tea bags

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.




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Time and Temperature Guide:


Tea      Temperature Minutes

Black      95°C / 205°F 3 – 5

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Green/Yellow 80°C / 176°F 2 – 3

Herbal/Tisanes.         100°C / 212°F 5 – 15

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