Tea Review – Chaga Tea – Chuga Chaga

Tea Selection: Chuga Chaga

Name: Chuga Chaga

Location: Kauneonga, New York

Owner/Creator: Luke


Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Our mission is to spread the power of chaga by adapting it to the modern lifestyle. In order to accomplish this goal, we have made several products infused with the best wild harvested chaga in the world.







It took me a bit of time to get acquainted to this new sort of brew. I was unsure and found myself looking into many different websites to read about the Chaga and to understand more about it, honestly it’s an amazing “herb” and one you would traditionally walk by in the woods and never give it a thought but deep inside it’s dark core is a yellow, almost gold substance that contains many nutrients helpful to our bodies.


Make sure and check out their website and video’s on how to brew as well as obtain information for your area on the new bottled Chuga Chaga.


Read more about Chuga Chaga on their website: Chuga Chaga.




The brewing instructions for the Chaga is a bit different then a usual tea. You boil this a lot longer then a normal tea (unless you buy the bottled already brewed for you). It’s a process but one that is well worth the genuine qualities of the brew.




100% organic Chaga



What the site has to say about their product:

Chaga is a superfood that grows on birch trees typically in cold northern climates like the Northern United States, Canada, and Russia. Chaga is a fungus that grows in symbiosis with birch trees feeding it nutrients as it grows in the summer and storing them in the winter. This relationship allows mature chaga mushrooms to accumulate powerful nutrients, which give it a smooth, delicious taste and powerful punch.


Chaga contains 215 phytonutrients, primarily three types; antioxidants, prebiotics, and adaptogens


COSTS: $5.00 /sachet

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.



Brewed: Light brew

Scent: it’s a very light scent, hardly noticeable

Flavor: There is not a lot of flavor in this tea, adding honey would do it wonders.


Sentiments: For a tea made from a mushroom it’s not a strong tea at all, very light in color and flavor. This is a great tea to add ingredients to and to play with to make it the way you like it. If you do not like mushrooms this it’s not a reason to not try this tea, as it’s very good for you with all the nutrients and does not contain the “normal” mushroom flavor you know from cooked mushroom. I was pleasantly surprised.


While I brewed this tea myself and it does take a bit of time (3 hours) the same company is coming out with a brewed and bottled Chaga tea that I am looking forward to trying as well.



My Tea Vault score values of 1-10 (10 being the best): “8”.


Till next sip…



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