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Tea Selection: EARL GREY GREEN

Company Name: ADAGIO

Location: Elmwood Park, New Jersey




What Adagio says about themselves (taken from an online source):

Adagio Teas was founded in 1999 with the aim of providing consumers with unmatched quality and variety of teas. We have become the most popular destination for tea online, and among the highest rated companies on BizRate and Epinions. Adagio was also singled out by Consumer Union as having the “most trustworthy” consumer practices. Our products are now available in many gourmet and health food stores..



Read more about Adagio on their website: ADAGIO



What Adagio says about this tea:

Earl Grey Green tea represents a different take on a classic combination: Indian black tea with tangy bergamot flavor. It features a fresh green tea with a delicious crisp texture that pairs perfectly with the orange rind zestiness of the bergamot. Earl Grey Green has a pleasantly dry finish with lingering citrus sweetness.


Steep at 180° for 2-3 minutes.



Indian black tea with tangy bergamot flavor


3 ounces for $8.00

**Price will change by amount ordered**




Here are my thoughts on this tea:

I love a green tea that does not have that vegetal flavor to it, nothing says green like a vegetal taste so I enjoy a green that is smooth and missing that taste, especially for new green tea drinkers.

What I liked:

I love that this is a green tea that contains green tea and earl grey, it’s a great combination that is smooth and light.

What I did not like:

Not a thing.


Until next sip, pinkies up and face the wind! You’ve got this!

P.S. I’ve included an average brewing instructions chart below to help you brew your teas.



These are common instructions for brewing teas, however if the company suggests other brewing I will include it in the review section.


Time and Temperature Guide:


Tea      Temperature Minutes

Black      95°C / 205°F 3 – 5

Oolong/White 85°C / 185°F 3 – 4

Green/Yellow 80°C / 176°F 2 – 3

Herbal/Tisanes.     100°C / 212°F 5 – 15


** As always stated by My Tea Vault, we think you should enjoy tea the way you like it, I like mine very strong with no sweetener, these are just guidelines and I suggest you use the guideline then adjust for your own tastes.


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