Tea Review: Teaonic Love My Liver

Short and Furious Review of TEAONIC

While in Kansas City and anywhere I travel I like to visit local grocery stores to check out the different products, We were driving along and saw a Natural Grocers and had to stop in.

“A side note… Natural Grocers are amazing! If you have one close to you check it out, it’s really going to give Whole Foods a run for it’s money.. even with Amazon!”

Now back to my find, I love tea and we all know that and I’ve seen the TEAONIC

brand on my twitter feed but never had a chance to try it. When I saw it on the shelf I knew I had to at least give it a try, I purchased the “I LOVE MY LIVER” bottle and could not wait to try it.

As most of you know I battle an auto immune disease called hypothyroidism (video series HERE) and the number one contributing factor to the Thyroid is the liver, so I detox often and when I saw this TEAONIC

dedicated to my liver it was a done deal.

Now, let me tell you about it.

It comes in a glass bottle with 8 fl. oz. it looks and smells like a tea and gives a refreshing smell, nothing “tonic” like about it.

Ingredients include a lot of good for your liver herbs:

Milk Thistle Seed
Dandelion Root and Leaf
Ginger Root
Rose Hips

Now there is no tea inside this drink, making this an herbal also making it caffeine free, which is a good thing when we are looking at something for more of a healing effect then a stay awake for the day effect.


Not at all what I expected, honestly i was prepared for a bit bitter, sour and medicinal. I was delighted to say this drink was good, light and very refreshing. It has a smooth almost tea like flavor which was surprising to me. Rooibos always adds a delightful sometimes sweet flavor. The combination of herbs is really very precise and deliberate, since most are a benefit to the liver, the others are just delightful for a tea and a blending agent for all the other ingredients. A well thought out beverage that you are going to want to use for the benefit and the great taste.

There are several other drinks such as:

I love my:
Skinny Body

Make sure you check Teaonic  out and let me know what you think, easily found in a lot of stores and amazon.com

As always…

Simply, Lisa B.

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