Tea Selection: Earl Grey Superior

Tea Selection: Earl Grey Superior


Company Name: Oxalis Tea Company

Location:              Czech Republic


Founded:              1993



“In a steadily-growing European specialty tea and coffee market, Oxalis is proud to be recognized and respected as a major importer, blender, wholesaler and exporter of the finest teas and specialty coffees. In addition, Oxalis sells plantation cocoa, chocolate and an impressive range of related accessories, most of which are custom-made designs. We import loose tea and green coffee directly from premier tea and coffee gardens across the globe. By doing so, our customers are certain to benefit from the finest quality at the most favorable prices.

Our headquarters features a research laboratory, where innovative mixtures and flavored blends are created. Only natural and nature-identical flavorings are utilized, which are sourced from the world’s foremost producers.

Oxalis produces more than 400 types of fine loose tea, both pure and flavored. Furthermore, we sell over 20 varieties of 100% pure Arabica specialty coffee, and the same number of flavored coffees. Oxalis Tea Company is located in the Czech Republic; they have an impressive online catalog   http://www.oxalis.cz/en/new-catalogue-2014-2015 and serve teas from many nations.”


Read more about Oxalis on their website: http://www.oxalis.cz/en



Black Ceylon Ruhuna tea, Natural Bergamot Flavoring, Orange Blossom. (may contain traces of nuts).



Earl Grey brewed

Tea is from the country of China

The first scent I smell is that amazing familiar scent of an Earl Grey. That familiar citrus scent of the Bergamot and with this Earl Grey the added Orange Blossom. This tea has a very strong citrus scent combined with the black Ceylon is an incredible even mixture. Honestly I said “ahhhhh”. I did!

This tea is of medium light brown color, a bit bitter with the familiar deep flavor of Bergamot deeply infused. There is a slight citrus underbody scent. You are going to love this Earl Grey, I love it’s strong tea flavor yet the infusion of the Bergamot and Orange.



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