Tea Taste Test – Adagio Cold Brew Mango Iced

Tea Selection: Mango Cold Brew Iced Tea

Company Name: Adagio Teas






Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Searching their website I don’t see a lot of information of how they started, but there are a few different facts like a ban yourself page that you can ban yourself from spending too much at their stores and website. Also you can click a link and find teas located near you and as their website states they are very interested in the planet and our carbon offset, very earthy and down to earth tea company.


Read more about Adagio Teas on their website: Adagio


This tea came as a sample “please try me”.


Ingredients: Black tea, mango.


Costs at the time of this writing: Not listed yet on their site



First I have to say I really liked the larger pyramid bag of tea for a larger container brew. You take your container of water (cold), put in the bag and let it work overnight, when you wake up you have an amazing cold brew tea, ready to enjoy! The tea starts to work in a few minutes and in an hour it’s really starting to infuse. When I work up the next morning all that was needed was removal of the bag and a little stir. The tea is very refreshing, the mango is strong but not too overpowering and it really is a nice mix with the black tea.   Since I don’t have all the ingredients, I am thinking this is a Ceylon black tea. I’m not sure how you can get a hold of this tea but, if you can, you are going to enjoy two things.. the cold brew and the ease of waking up to tea already prepared for you!



Till next Tea….

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