Tea Taste Test – Adagio Honeybush Hazelnut

Tea Selection: Honeybush Hazelnut


Company Name: Adagio Teas





Adagio Honeybush Hazelnut

Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Searching their website I don’t see a lot of information of how they started, but there are a few different facts like a ban yourself page that you can ban yourself from spending too much at their stores and website. Also you can click a link and find teas located near you and as their website states they are very interested in the planet and our carbon offset, very earthy and down to earth tea company.


Read more about Adagio Teas on their website: Adagio


Very nutty and aromatic, slightly roasty well rounded flavor.


Ingredients: Honeybush tea, natural hazelnuts flavor.


Costs at the time of this writing: 15 full leaf pyramids – $8.00



Open this bag and you will be in heaven, this tea has such a beautiful sweet scent of hazelnut. This is a honeybush tea, an herbal tea with a very strong hazelnut flavor, it’s not too overpowering scent and flavor. This tea even before it is brewed really wakes up the senses. Once brewed and a sip is taken it’s a most remarkable flavor. What a fun mixture, a great wake up tea that will enlighten the whole room with it’s fragrance.



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