Tea Taste Test – Choice Mango Ceylon

Tea Selection: Mango Ceylon

Company Name: Choice Tea

Brand:                   Granum, Inc.

Founded:              1989

Founder:               Blake Rankin

Choice Mango Ceylon


Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Firm belief in organics and fair trade with a concern for the ethical treatment of workers who cultivate tea. Choice teas are manufactured in a certified organic facility.


Read more about Choice Teas on their website: Choice Teas


My first exposure to this tea was while out on a dinner date in Cleveland, Ohio. I also request Black Tea, unsweetened and our server brought us this amazing glass of tea. I was astonished that the tea was so good. Generally I expect a powered or lower value tea but this tea had the best flavor I’d tasted in a long time. Refreshing.


I expressed my liking of the tea so much to our waiter that before I left I was handed a brown bag of loose leaf tea from the Choice Tea Company. I could not have been happier.


One of the reasons I don’t mention the restaurant as i do not want anyone to get into trouble over anything.


The date was nice but the tea was amazing!


A Ceylon is a black tea and this tea is contains pieces of mango gently infused with marigold petals throughout the bag.



Organic Black Teas

Natural Mango Flavor

Organic Marigold Petals


Costs at the time of this writing:

1 pound bag – 31.90

2 pound bag – 52.90

This is such a refreshing tea without a heavy taste of citrus or flower in it. I steep my tea bag with 1 teaspoon of tea and let it sit for about 2 minutes. The tea is already a rich mahogany color by then and I pour my hot tea over ice, because that’s the way I like it. I also double steep this tea easily and it makes a second cup that tastes as good as the first.


Mango Ceylon is a beautiful full body tea that infused the slight taste of mango and marigold with a slight hint of the black tea.   The citrus is not overpowering at all it’s a beautiful balance with an incredible slight taste of mango.


I like the fact I could double brew a teaspoon or so and I’ve noticed with my use I continue to steep more and more tea at each brewing, then for a while I will back off this tea and when I come back I start back at the one teaspoon again.


This is an all day tea, meaning I can brew this tea in the morning and come back to it later in the day and it’s still refreshing.


I purchase a two pound bag and that lasts me about four or five months. I used to belong to their automatic delivery but this ran into problems so I just went back into ordering it myself, in fact, I just looked and it’s time to re-order


Hot Tea Taste Facts:

I always take a sip of hot tea for all you tea lovers and let you know that the tea is an incredible mix of citrus and flower with a foundation of a rich but not overbearing black ceylon tea. This would make a great sweetened tea as well, I am very sure a light honey would only bring out the citrus and marigold flavors even more.


Till next Tea….

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