Tea Review – Ice Wine Tea

Tea Selection: Ice Wine

Company Name: Metropolitan Tea Company





Ice Wine Tea

Their website seems to be mostly locked down unless you are a wholesale buyer, it’s sad because I like to report a bit about the company as well as the tea. I can say they are into fair trade, and huge on carbon footprints doing what they can to help the environment.


When you go to their about page it’s a huge list of master tea experts and other people that aide them in what they do but nothing about the company, founder or background. I wish I had more to give you, unless you are a wholesaler there is not going to be much information on the teas or the company.


Read more about Metropolitan Tea on their website: Metro Tea



Black tea

White tea

Grape pieces

Ontario Ice Wine

Natural flavors



Costs at the time of this writing:   Wholesale only



When I saw the title “Ice Wine” I was a bit excited to try it. This tea was very floral and almost a rose scent and very floral. I really did not taste a large wine taste and I really wanted to. There was more a Rose’ flavor then a grape. Interesting flavor and scent considering that the grapes were added. It’s an interesting tea and something elegant to serve at the table along with a nice conversation piece to add to your collection.


Hot Tea Taste Facts:

Great as a hot tea, but not so much as an iced. I don’t care too much for a floral tea to be iced, I think it really takes away from the light refreshing taste of the tea. (I keep wanting to say wine).


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