Tea Taste Test (TTT) Blueprint Lemongrass


Tea Selection: Lemongrass Tea



Company Name: BluePrint

Location:               St. Louis Missouri



Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Blueprint Coffee seeks a mutually beneficial relationship loop among our producers, vendors, wholesale partners, and customers. Good coffee must be good from the start, so we dedicate a tremendous amount of time selecting a few coffees that are fresh and exciting. The beauty in these coffees is maintained through precise roasting, brewing, and training methods. Our company was born because a handful of baristas knew there was a need for a more transparent way to serve and present coffee. We encourage you to stop by for a cup and join in the loop.

Read more about Blueprint on their website: BluePrint

I wrote to Blueprint to ask for more information about their company and teas as of this writing they have not responded. If/When they do I’ll update.

Bringing together lemongrass, green tea, and jasmine, this subtly sweet Kilogram iced tea.


Green Tea




Costs at the time of this writing:

Available only in commercial use

There was a new coffee house in town Coffee Bean and I had to check it out. I asked what kind of teas they had and Lemongrass was on the menu so that is what I ordered. One Iced Lemongrass tea, please!

I was not sure what to expect however the tea was very bright. Bright being strong yet mellow, if that makes sense I will try to explain more. Lemon! There I explained it. There is a nice citrus taste and if you are not a fan of green tea but want to get into a nice green tea this is it.

There are some green teas that leave a very un loving taste in your mouth. This was not the case and it was a lovely. Very light.

Yesterday I went back to the coffee shop hoping to taste another tea, they just had the lemongrass again so I ordered a cup. This tea was much stronger and deeper in color. It was the end of the day and perhaps I was getting a tea at the bottom of the pitcher.

I liked the tea a lot, very refreshing. Blueprint being a primary coffee wholesaler who has stepped into tea they have done a great job. I’m looking forward to tasting more teas from Blueprint.

Hot Tea Taste Facts:

I did not have a chance to try this tea hot.


Till next Tea….


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