The History Of Tea

Ahhh, the love of tea!

Hippocrates once was noted as saying: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”.

A pure simple leaf (Camellia Sinensis) and where did it all begin. That answer is not always factual or simple but I will do my best to explain a few things and give you some history.

First the story:

These are what I’ve chosen to share but do yourself a favor and search to find more interesting history and stories.

In ancient China, a long, long time ago (people say 2737 BC) an emperor whose name was Shen Nung was kneeling in front of a fire boiling water, the wind blew and leaves fell from a tree above him and into his boiling water. The scent was intriguing so he took a sip and there it is, the first tea story.

If the leaves were tea leaves they had to be unfermented making his drink the first green tea drink in history.

This is a favorite story:

An herbalist again from the Chinese culture studying herbs and was said to know 100,000 healing properties of them. He was passing the information down to his son however he was only able to pass on 80,000 of then but told his son to visit his grave in 5 years and the other 20,000 would be there waiting for him. His son did as he asked and visited his grave site and beside his fathers grave was a tea bush!

These are fun mystical stories and their reality could be questions but why?

Today we have scientific proof of how good the Camellia Sinensis plant is and more and more, we learn new evidence every day about it. Here are some Tea History Facts:

Tea is said to have started in China

Through Chinese monks who worshipped the entire process of tea it was given as gifs

The Japanese Tea is considered to be an offshoot of those gifts.

In 1559 a tea merchant shared his tea experience with others.

In 1600’s the Dutch East India Trading Company was shipping tea to Europe.

1618 Russians received several chests of tea as gifts.

In Europe tea was for the royal and rich, costing over 100 dollars per pound.

One of the earliest recorded tea party was in American in 1674.

In 1773 Sons of Liberty had their own tea party and threw 32 cases of tea into the Boston Harbor.

1830 India who is responsible for Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri teas discovered tea already freely growing in the fields. India has over 2,000 tea producers and one of the largest producers of tea.

And tea continues through history today. There are also Herbal teas as well but we lovingly refer to shoe as tisanes (French for herbal infusion)

Herbal’s are not a tea at all but basically flowers, herbs and berries combines to serve in hot water similar to a tea.

Tea has quite a history as well as a connection that branches out all over the world. I’m just glad it made it to my mug this morning!


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