The Review – TeaTopia Moroccan Mint and Coconut Creme

Company Name: TEATOPIA







Interesting Highlights:

Ahhh the smell of mint, as soon as you open the bag. Mint is refreshing as well as a therapeutic herb.



Organic Green tea and Organic Spearmint


The Scent or Aroma:

You will smell mint and breath in it’s amazing aroma



I did not know the ingredients until I wrote and asked but I can tell you I KNEW this tea had some sort of vegetal taste in the background, and it did. Organic Green Tea is one of the ingredients of this mint tea, every so soft and subtle I double most people would realize it was there. This tea has a wonderful fresh scent and flavor, not overpowering and just so good for you!



Price may vary according to the amount purchased.






Interesting Highlights:

This tea has an interesting almost citrus scent followed by a very lovely coconut scent.



Organic Decaf. Black Tea




The Scent or Aroma:

Slight apple or fruit scent with a very mild coconut aroma



Slightly bitter this tea surprised me and I was expecting more coconut but the tea came off with a more bitter sour fruit flavor. The taste was somewhat artificial. It’s a medium liquor and not a very strong flavor but for me it was missing the coconut I was looking for.


Cost: $20.00 / 30 cups

Price may vary according to the amount purchased.



Company highlights, notes and more:


I do not know if TeaTopia has a website but they run all their advertising on their Facebook, that is the link that is at the bottom of this page. I will also include a link HERE

to the magazine article about TeaTopia. This includes a lot of information about the company and the owner Reginald Quarles.

Read more and visit the website: CLICK HERE.



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