What Makes Tea So Amazing?

  1. Tea is the national drink in Iran and Afghanistan
  2. The United Kingdom drinks about 165 million cups of tea a day
  3. Britain is the second-largest nation of tea drinkers per capita.

  1. Ireland is first.
  2. Men pour the tea first in Morocco
  3. China is still the largest producer of tea
  4. India comes in second
  5. Black tea is processed the longest
  6. White tea the shortest processing time
  7. Tea needs in the least 50 inches of rain a year (that’s a lot of rain)
  8. Tea plants need four to twelve years to produce a seed
  9. Three years is the time it takes to produce it’s first harvest of tea
  10. What part of the US consumes the most tea? South and Northeast.
  11. Most expensive tea is Tieguanyin from China at $1500. per pound
  12. The US invented the tea bag and iced tea.
  13. 65% of all tea made in the US is made in tea bags
  14. One pound of loose-leaf tea makes approx. 200 cups of tea.
  15. Tapping your fingers on the table two or three times in China to show       gratitude to the server
  16. Biggest consumption of tea is black tea
  17. Tea was used as money in Siberia in the 19th
  18. Watered down tea is used when actors are to be drinking whiskey
  19. Herbal “teas” are called tisane and do not contain any actual tea.
  20. Black tea is considered red tea in China
  21. Tea plant can grow into a tree if not harvested
  22. Oolong tea is the most “fussy” of teas

Some items on this list taken from 66 Sip-a-licious Facts about tea in Random Facts

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