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Tea Selection: Corsican

Company Name: Wise Owl Tea

Location: Crystal Palace, London, UK




Tea Company Comments taken from their webpage:

Our story – Wise Owl Tea came about from a love of traveling to far off lands and experiencing local cuisines.

We are a couple of friends, who enjoyed traveling the world discovering how local people used herbal infusions for their health benefits, and developed an appreciation of the different flavors.

We brought home some ingredients, and what started as a labor of love in the kitchen developed into a small company producing organic herbal tea.  While collecting all the herbs we were reminded of the 18th century travelers sourcing the finest ingredients and returning to England by ship to sell their sought after prized goods.  This inspired us to develop our unique packaging showing old world maps of exotic lands that are the home of our teas, reminiscent of the old tea containers carried on ships.






You are going to have to read all the descriptions of the teas on Wise Owl’s site. There is a whole lot of heart and soul into each tea and you are going to experience some flavors you never have. These teas are marginal in ingredients from lands you have not had a chance to visit and paired up with wonderful flavors for enjoyable scentsatons!


Read more about Wise Owl Teas on their website: Wise Owl Teas.




Olive Leaf




COSTS: 5.50 £

Price varies according to how much you purchase.


REVIEW: One thing I like about Wise Owl Tea is their teas remind me exotic places and the fact that the inspiration of the teas and the products used are exotic and from the different areas just says a lot of the uniqueness of the teas.


Prior to brew:

Brewed: Light yellow hue

Scent: Vegetal on first scent, second scent revealed the apple.

Flavor: Sour taste a bit bitter.


Sentiments: I don’t test teas for review by adding sweetener, however I can say I know for me a dap of honey would make this tea amazing, I just did not want to change my pattern of tasting for a tea. This as with all Wise Owl Teas are unique in its ingredients as well as flavor. The combination of Apple and Pineapple surrounded with Olive leaf is like the dance Tango, mixing completely yet standing alone on their own as well. If you have never tried an Olive Leaf tea this is a must and give it a try with so many benefits with the Olive leaf it is well worth it!


My Tea Vault score values of 1-10 (10 being the best): “7”


Till next Tea….

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