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Have you been to Starbucks lately? | Tea Vault has


Today I went to another Missouri Starbucks, you know when your shopping you have to have your tea! Well, when I walked in the front of the store they had a new display and it wasn’t coffee or tea!
It was FOOD! BBQ almonds [...]

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Bubble Tea | How To | Tea Vault


Yesterday while on twitter, I saw a tweet about someone trying to get their hands on some bubble tea, but because circumstances were beyond their control it was out of reach, and of course, I had to chime in and tease them and of course [...]

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Taste Test | Honest Tea | Sublime Mate’


Okay so YES that’s a Christmas tree behind me, I’m running VERY behind on my updates. I promise, just one more and I’m caught up
I thought of doing them over, but you know, the content is still as good as ever, just [...]

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Have I Got Answers For You | My Tea Vault | Your Questions


I’ve been letting your questions build up and I thought today might be a good day to encourage you all to ask your questions on my comment page. But so be it I’ll still answer the Im’s and DM’s I get on Twitter here.
From [...]

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Starbucks | Vanilla Rooibos | Tea Vault


This will date me…
Remember that white chalky medicine the doctors would give your parents when you were a child and sick? Remember the taste?
Yeah well…now think Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos Chai Tea!
I’ve been gone on a missions trip with a group of amazing [...]

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Phoenix Arizona | Tea Vault | Wild Tea


I needed to post this blog to “tease” you all about an amazing “tea” I got to experience while on the Apache Tribe Reservation.
One of the men shared a tea and his story about how it really helped him. He told us how they [...]

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Healthy White Tea | Inko’s | Tea Vault Taste Test


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Tea Candy | What do you think?


So I was thinking of all the things that tea is in, I’ve seen tea brownies, and desserts, I’ve seen alcoholic tea and yes I’ve seen Ice Cream tea…but what about Tea Candy, so I did a search and wow, I found some
Bali [...]

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Breakfast | Mimi’s Cafe | Iced Tea


Muddy waters… it’s all I could think about today as my iced tea was delivered to me. I’m drinking muddy waters.
I was thrilled to be sitting next to Connie who also ordered an Iced Tea. I asked her if she drank iced [...]

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Choice Organic | Mango Ceylon | The Review


I know I talked about this tea when I went to Pi’s Pizza in Saint Louis, but I liked it so much I had to taste test it myself, under my own circumstances and the way I make it. STRONG!
I ordered 7 ounces, I [...]

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