How To Brew Your Tea




However you want!

That my tea lover is the freedom of tea.

I’m a firm believer that our industry gives you guidelines and from there the freedom of tea is that you enjoy it as you like it.

Below is a chart to help you brew your teas.



These are common instructions for brewing teas, however if the company suggests other brewing I will include it in the review section.

Time and Temperature Guide:

Tea      Temperature Minutes

Black      95°C / 205°F 3 – 5

Oolong/White 85°C / 185°F 3 – 4

Green/Yellow 80°C / 176°F 2 – 3

Herbal/Tisanes.         100°C / 212°F 5 – 15

** As always stated by My Tea Vault, we think you should enjoy tea the way you like it, I like mine very strong with no sweetener, these are just guidelines and I suggest you use the guideline then adjust for your own tastes.

Now the process

Again I feel it’s how you like it. At work I have little choice so it’s a one cup coffee pot that is set aside for water only. It’s all I have; at home it’s Gongfu and relaxation.

If you are just getting into tea enjoy the tea how you can, however water temperature absolutely plays a roll in the taste of a tea, as well as the quality of tea. Read this article about the tea quality.

Experiment and have fun on the journey

So basically you can bil water and pout it over your ea. Your ea can be contained several ways:

Tea Bags

Loose Leaf Tea Bags

Tea Pyramids


Again it is personal choice, I’m not a fan of purchased ea in tea bags so for me loose leaf is my passion.

Brew, steep and add a sweetener if you like and ENJOY.

Gongfu (the art of doing something well) is more of a ceremony and tribute to the ea you drink. I look at it as if you are honoring the tea.

It is a Chinese tea ceremony and can serve 1-4 people correctly.

Items needed:

Bamboo perforated tray – this holds your instruments an when brewing to allow water to drip down to the tray below.

The tools (preferably bamboo)

Measuring cup – measure tea

Tongs – to move cups so as not to touch them

Tea needle – Scrape teas off the sides of pitcher

Towel – to wipe cup and pot dry

Hot water –washing and heating cups and to brew the tea

Tea pots (Gaiwan) made of clay, porcelain or glass

Tea cups  made of clay, porcelain or glass


And of course a tea pet, what is it? Read this article about the importance of a tea pet.

Now Let’s Brew

Place all items on tray, I personally d not use the tongs to move the cups but I do use it to place my tea into my Gaiwan.

Pour hot water into Gaiwan and cups wait a moment and pour out.   This warms and prepares the cups for the tea.

Pour hot water into Gaiwan again over the leaves in a circular manner.

The trickiest part is how to hold he Gaiwan. Put your index finger on the lid and the other fingers and thumb to hold the cup, pour from there.

You want to pour that first water out. This is the washing or awakening of the ea leaves and not considered drinkable.

Soon after pour more hot water into the Gaiwan this should be done again in a circular motion when putting the lid on it is ok to allow water to spill out over the top.

Brew 2-5 minutes

Pick the tea pot up and wipe it off, then pour tea into the cups back and forth to evenly distribute the temperature and the tea.




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