Midwest Tea Festival 2017 part one


Midwest Tea Festival 2017

Part two can be found HERE


I just can’t do it in one post. There is so much to cover.

Last year was my first year and as exciting as it was I was not as prepared as I was this year.

I was prepared so I could not wait for Midwest Tea Fest to “bring it”, and they did!

This year a welcome addition to the vendors tables were the self serve areas and I assume this was a risk for the vendors because some people do not understand what a sample is (I met a few) it sure made it easier to be able to sample not just one but a few of each vendor and that was exciting.

So here’s the run down. Midwest Tea Fest is a newer tea festival sponsored by many individuals and totally volunteer run. One woman is the force behind the storm and her name is Nicole Burriss. She’s got to be one amazing woman who makes this possible for all of us to enjoy! Nicole has a very cool tea tasting book out that I purchased and you may want to as well.

I’m not going to list each vendor but here is a link to all those amazing people who came out to let me taste and sample their products.

Tea Vendors

I did pick my top three and will continue to do this each year. Everyone was so kind and nice and the event is enjoyable, plus it’s in Kansas City Missouri, what’s not to enjoy? J

So let’s get to the real reason you are here: TEA

My Grandson went with me this year and he enjoyed it so much he made this video. It’s a bit choppy however as his grandmother I was very honored and proud of how much he enjoyed it, and that Chai he loved so much, he got to take home with him.

HERE is the link to his video, give it a like and let him know you were there.

When a 10 year old loves tea!

36 vendors packed into an auditorium that spilled over to another room. If you missed it, keep looking for 2018 dates and plan to attend, if you are a tea vendor, make sure you attend; it’s an incredible time of connection, sharing AND you get to meet me!

So worth it!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you all the teas I sampled and let you know my top THREE!

As always

Wishing you great health always

Lisa B.






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